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6 Most Promising Media and Entertainment Solution Providers 2022

Media and Entertainment businesses are moving out of their traditional setups to join the digital revolution. Advanced technology has the power to transform their business models. Companies are exploiting new ways of operations and choosing a customer-first approach using technology and its management.

Would you still complete your work quickly and go home in time to watch your favorite program? Maybe not, correct? Thanks to mobile apps, which have brought everything to our fingertips, entertainment is no longer restricted to specific times.

In the past, most people relied on television, radio, or newspapers for amusement and information about global events. Consider the scenario where you wished to watch an afternoon broadcast of your favorite show. You could not see it when it was broadcast due to a busy schedule. You wait for the upcoming episode after being let down.

What if you could catch up on the show you missed at work using your smartphone? Alternatively, why not view the program later when you have time? Isn’t that amazing? With only a few taps, you can watch your favorite TV series or movies on your mobile device, thanks to mobile applications. We’ll talk about how the entertainment sector uses mobile apps in this blog and the changes that an app brought to the media landscape.

Media and Entertainment solutions are commonly being used by some of the big sharks of the industry, by which you can use technology and disruptive processes to enhance your customer experience and streamline yourself with modern-day trends.

Here, we present the 6 most promising Media and Entertainment solution providers in 2022.

Consagous Technologies

At Consagous, you will find the knowledge and tools needed to deliver swift applications and software that increase your customer engagement by ten folds. Accessible over multiple devices, and extending your reach to diverse platforms, find bespoke entertainment solutions built with precision and expertise to meet your content creation needs, proper distribution management, and more.

Reformat your needs, translate them to digital with Consagous and make your target audience reachable anywhere on diverse platforms while reducing your efforts to minimize and operations leaner than ever before.

You, too, can live your dreams by enjoying Consagous’ Media and Entertainment business solutions that are guaranteed to turn the table around for you in tough competition.


Small and medium-sized media and entertainment businesses(SMEs) continue to seek advertising and promotions, but marketing is rapidly overtaking traditional media sales. Business owners want a single solution for all of their digital demands, and media companies are already trusted consultants. This is where a company like Vendasta is establishing itself: by giving end-to-end marketing and sales tools to media businesses and other channel partners who sell solutions to local business clients.

Vendasta was founded in 2008 as a marketing agency and a tool for the media and entertainment business, specifically to assist SME customers with their digital solutions. It grew over a decade to provide all digital marketing solutions to fulfill the needs of those clients. The Vendasta platform now offers white label products and selling services, as well as automated lead creation and pipeline management.

It enables businesses to access a single login for the needs of SME clients. From their business-facing dashboard displaying the name of their trusted media supplier, local business clients can access enabled items across the scope of the digital marketing stack and beyond.


Rocketium was founded in Bangalore in 2015 to make information more visual and concise. It is an online video creator used by publishers, media corporations, as well as by businesses to create videos. Rocketium has exceptional capabilities that make video making simple and rapid, and it is available on browsers.

The company will soon release a mobile application for smartphone users. Its features, such as one-click styling, different fonts, colors, timing, music tracks, positioning, and animations, make videos more stylish and appealing.

Rocketium produces videos without the use of agencies or expert video editors. It tends to save money and time since it allows automation to generate capabilities for the generation of thousands of films and photographs in a minute while eliminating the need for expensive hardware. The premier video producer has also established a position in different corporate sectors, including news and publishers, media and entertainment business, e-commerce, non-profit, and real estate. Rocketium plans to add additional intelligence to its products in the future to help users generate high-quality videos faster, as well as extend its offerings by using the power of augmented and virtual reality.

PAC Storage

To stay up with 4K, 8K, and even higher-resolution video processes, you’ll need high-performance processing storage, scalability for large files, and shared content access for collaboration. Demands for cost-effective solutions for tight manufacturing budgets, high internal expectations, and quick delivery constraints all contribute to this mix.

Pacific Alliance Capital (PAC) was established in Aliso Viejo, California, to provide data storage, backup, and disaster recovery services. PAC Storage was founded in 2005 as a leading enterprise data storage manufacturer.

PAC’s mission is to provide high-performance media and entertainment solutions with no single point of failure and on-premise storage scalability to petabytes.


Foundry is a software business specializing in media, entertainment, and design visual effects. It was founded on the desire to produce software that enables creative leaders all around the world to transform extraordinary ideas into reality. The company, founded in 1996, operates in the United States, Japan, China, Australia, and Europe, with headquarters in London and offices in Manchester and Austin.

Furthermore, it serves clients in multiple industries, including marketing and advertising, media and entertainment solutions, game development, and concept design. By delivering software that enables artists to create compelling high-end scenes.

Foundry has over 20 years of experience and recently spread into digital design, working with the world’s top fashion, footwear, and consumer product businesses to address tough visualization challenges.


Deluxe, founded in 1915, is the world’s leading creation-to-distribution corporation, providing global, end-to-end media and entertainment solutions. Deluxe allows the global market for professionally made media with unrivaled scale, technology, and capabilities.

Their Customer-First leadership, combined with an end-to-end suite of translation, distribution services, and media technology, results in an unequaled service offering in diversity, scalability, and global reach. Deluxe has the ingenuity, capability, and experience to meet and exceed customer expectations through the Deluxe One technology platform, professional team, and attention to service.

Platinum Equity, a worldwide M&A&O® business specializing in mergers, acquisitions, and operations of companies providing media and entertainment business services and solutions across industries, acquired Deluxe in 2021.


As digital transformation reaches its apex, with easy access to new technology, it is advancing at the fastest rate ever. Among all the emerging technologies, Artificial Intelligence (AI) has significantly impacted media and entertainment solutions.

In this industry, creative processes, content development, customer involvement, and many other things are evolving due to new technologies. Furthermore, different breakthroughs in TV, films, games, music, radio, and so on are trending in the industry.

Consagous Technologies provides specialized media and entertainment mobile app development services that are intended to elevate your brand above the burgeoning field of entertainment mobile applications as well as help you become a household name.

Our team knows how to create engaging media & entertainment applications that not only keep users interested but also have a lasting impact on their lives. We offer a variety of effective entertainment app development services to assist companies in addressing all facets of the entertainment industry.

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