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5 Ways to Maintain the Style and Functionality of Your Rolex Watch

Rolex is a world-renowned luxury watch brand. Wristwatch aficionados recommend it for its stylish elegance, meticulous manufacturing process, and durability. Despite being durable, Rolex watches are not invulnerable to minor and major damage. Thus, it’s a must that you know how to take care of it.

In this article, we have listed the ways on how to keep your Rolex watch stylish and functional. This list comes from the advice of various experts, so it’s essential that you take some of your precious time and learn how to keep your timepiece ticking for years.

Wear It More Often

For you to keep your Rolex watch running, it’s advisable that you wear it more often than allow it to gather dust in your home. It’s because the movements of this luxury watch are kept running by the motions of your wrist when wearing it.

Also, not wearing it more often causes the lubricants within the watch to dry up, which results in stiffening of the watch movements. If you want to store your Rolex, it’s essential to keep it away from hot, dry places. You should also rock it every 48 hours to keep it working.

Take Extra Care When Wearing It

Rolex products are made of superior stainless steel and decorated with gems like sapphire crystals, making it one of the most durable luxury watches you can find today. However, Rolex is not indestructible.

For instance, the sapphire crystals in most Rolex watches could easily be shattered when smashed against ceramic tiles and other hard surfaces. Wearing your Rolex while playing golf could also alter its movement because of the vibration of the golf club. When you wear this watch while playing golf, you should make sure that you service it regularly.

Even if your Rolex is water-resistant, you should always take care not to let water get inside of your timepiece. Water is still the number one enemy of luxury watches such as Rolex.

Think about Restoration

Luxury watch restoration will, of course, depend on the owner. However, if you’re going to restore your Rolex timepiece, you can choose to refinish its casing and bracelet. For gold versions, It’s advisable that you refinish it only five times within its lifespan. It’s because doing it beyond that number may cause its precious metal to wear away.

Some Rolex watch owners are averse to restoration because they want their timepieces, especially vintage ones, to keep its color and structure. So, as I have said, it still depends on you if you wish to restore your Rolex or not.

Service It Regularly

You should keep in mind these two important things when you want to provide servicing to your Rolex timepiece. First, provide servicing regularly. Experts advise to do it every two to five years. Second, hire an experienced and skilled watchmaker to do it.

Even if you see that your Rolex is working alright, it’s still crucial to service it regularly because the friction inside the timepiece can cause damage to it over time. Regular service of your Rolex will also save you money from major repairs.

Don’t Open It by Yourself

One common advice that needs repeating to avoid damaging your Rolex is to never open its insides by yourself. Opening your Rolex timepiece can expose it to dirt, dust, and other debris that can impact its movement and cause damage. When you want to open it, it’s advisable to take it to professional watchmakers for that purpose.


It’s a must that you take care of your Rolex timepiece to keep its style and functionality. It’s essential that you use it more often and take extra care when wearing it. You can also maintain its beauty if you service it regularly. You can follow the tips from this article for that purpose.

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