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5 Ways to Have a Technological Edge in Business in 2019

5 ways to have a technological edge in business in 2019 will ensure that you remain ahead of your competitors.

Are you looking for a technological edge in the coming year? If yes, then these five ways to have a technological edge in business in 2019 will ensure that you remain ahead of your competitors in addition to making your business profitable.

 1. Machine Learning and AI Making Smart Apps

The AI’s focus is to come up with a solution for well-defined and small tasks. This is resulting in a new world of applications and intelligent devices like thermostats, robots, and drones together with apps and services like smart analytics, chatbots, and virtual personal assistants (VPAs). VPAs such as Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Amazon’s Alexa, and Google Now are examples of rapidly advancing intelligent software services. The market is quickly growing, and startups together with big companies are rushing to gain a significant market share. Within the next few years, almost every software service, tool, and app will contain some level of AI.

 2. Green Energy

Renewable energy will soon replace fossil fuels. Over the last ten years, the US has been increasingly making use of green energy. They have been following the example of leaders of renewable energy namely China and Europe. Green energy is becoming affordable and mainstream in the form of rooftop panels and electric cars. As an enormous job source, the renewable energy industry currently hires 2.7 million people. Construction of solar and wind farms could offer employment to 150,000 employees of fading coal industry. Approximately 9.8 million people are employed in the clean energy industry around the world.

3. Virtual Reality

A lot of people deem virtual reality as the next technology frontier. Virtual reality equipment has been available to consumers since 2015. Within this short period, the technology has become really famous. Gamers especially have put virtual reality headsets on the top of their wish lights. By the time it’s 2019, revenue for both augmented reality and virtual reality will be $7 billion. By 2021, the number will reach $75. The virtual reality comprises an open field with great potential and predicting the upcoming affected industries is not easy. Naturally, it is appealing to gamers in addition to having potential applications in digital marketing, safety testing, education, therapy, and education. The majority of the consumers are not able to afford virtual reality and augmented reality equipment due to their high prices. However, things will be different in the next few years.

4. Content Marketing

It is not possible to discuss marketing today and leave out content marketing. Content marketing is central to other digital marketing aspects such as email marketing, social media, and SEO. The aim of original content is to create customer loyalty, attract new buyers, and define your brand. The growth of this industry will continue to 2019 and beyond while marketers look for new ways of making good use of their content. It is not enough to just have a blog, firms have to think like publishers of media. They will be able to find new opportunities and challenges for in-house creative teams and content marketing agencies.

5. Internet of Things

Currently, we are able to have communication with things, and they can have communication with each other. Addition of artificial intelligence to internet connectivity leads to connected smart gadgets. For instance, a smart tractor is not only an equipment to work on the traditional farm. It can record tractor performance data for improvement of design by the manufacturer, it can sense when its parts require replacing and then plan and complete the required maintenance, it can report conditions and usage for correct insurance coverage, and it has sensors for soil examination and determination of the requirements of fertilizers while ordering supplies. Another example is temperature control. During winter, manufacturers can keep crucial chemicals and substances at the right temperature through IoT connected devices. For instance, an industrial tool manufacturer named Powerblanket created an IoT device that allows manufacturers to maintain perfect temperatures through the cloud for things like liquids in buckets, honey inventory, heating cement for faster curing and more. The key being that as these devices are connected to the internet, there is a reduced need for many “hands on deck” to check product, and manage the day to day. 


Machine learning and AI making smart apps, green energy, virtual reality, content marketing, and the internet of things are some of the technologies that can provide companies with a competitive edge in 2019. These industries are rapidly growing, and companies will be able to leverage these opportunities to remain profitable.

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Sagar Mandan is HR and SEO specialist at a company which provides seo services to their clients. He do spend his free time explaining young SEO executives. You can follow him on twitter @techssocial

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