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5 Ways to Fix 502 Bad Gateway Error in WordPress Websites

Did you convert PSD to WordPress theme but after relaunching the website are seeing the 502 error? Then you are one of many website owners looking for methods to fix 502 bad gateway error in WordPress interfaces. It is a serious problem faced by all kinds of websites, and there are various reasons for its occurrence. The error renders the interface inaccessible and can cause loss of revenue to businesses. In this article, we are presenting the cause for the issue and the methods that can be used for resolving them.

What Is 502 Bad Gateway Error?

502 is an HTTP status code which is displayed when a server acting as a gateway receives an invalid response for the requested page. The status code is sent every time with the requested web page and an HTTP header. However, when it is not showed when the page loads successfully. Let’s see why it occurs. There are various servers involved in a hosting setup. There is an application server for processing the PHP code along with a database server. Then there is the reverse proxy server which directs the HTTP requests and a web server for static files. In some setups, a CDN for enhancing the performance may also be involved. When a URL is entered in a browser, HTTP requests are sent to the reverse proxy server. This server then sends the requests to the relevant servers. In case an invalid response is posted by any of these servers then the error is displayed.

How To Resolve A 502 Bad Gateway Error?

Let us now take a look at the ways to solve the problem.

1. Reload The Website

The first thing to do on encountering the error is to wait for some time and refresh the website. Many times the message shows because the host or the server is overloaded and cannot process the request. This can happen in shared hosting environments where a rise in traffic can cause server resources to exhaust. Just press “F5” or “Ctrl + F5” to do the needful. In case, the error does not go away after a couple of attempts, use the other methods.

2. Clear The Browser Cache

It is possible that a browser renders the error page from its cache. Many times the message is displayed even after the issue has been resolved. This happens because the browser is using the cached version of the interface. The browser cache will have to be cleared to solve the problem. Windows and Linux users can employ the “Ctrl + F5” command to clear the cache. People with Mac OS can use “CMD + Shift + R” for the purpose. The process to remove the browser cache can also be done manually.

3. Disable The CDN For Some Time

Many people use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to ensure their web pages are delivered quickly to users. Some users install a firewall to protect their interfaces from attacks. A problem on the CDN server or the firewall can also cause the issue. To fix 502 bad gateway error in WordPress websites, disable the CDN or the firewall for some time. This will mean that the website will now load from its server instead of the CDN. If the website is now rendering correctly, then the CDN/firewall was causing the error. Users must get in touch with their service provider and inform them about the issue.

4. Check All Themes And Plugins

A bad code residing in a theme or plugin can also cause the problem. WordPress users must check all the themes and plugins installed on their interface. For this, they must first deactivate all the plugins installed on their website. This can be done through the admin dashboard if users can access it. Otherwise, the process will have to be conducted through FTP. This must be followed by rechecking the website. If it is rendering perfectly, then a plugin was the culprit. To find the rogue tool, all the plugins will have to be activated one by one. In case, the issue is still present; users must switch to the default theme through phpMyAdmin. In case, the template was causing the error; it will be resolved now.

5. Contact The Hosting Service

Many times the 502 error can occur because of issues with the web hosting server. Users must contact their service provider and inform them about the problem. They must also tell the support staff about the troubleshooting measures taken by them. This will help the personnel in eliminating other possibilities and zeroing in on the main reason.


Most amateur users will be stumped on seeing the 502 error. However, these methods to fix 502 bad gateway error in WordPress websites will have provided them with a comprehensive idea about how to deal with such issues.

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Tracey Jones is a renowned Wordpress Developer by profession with hobbies of innovative and technical writing. She works with a leading WordPress development company HireWPGeeks Ltd. Feel free to get in touch with him if you about hire WordPress theme developer.

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