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5 Tips to Stop Burglars Who May Target Your Home

We all want to live in a safe neighborhood. Real estate agents ride on this wave by informing potential buyers of all the secure houses available. Even if you have listed your home for sale and are ready to show it to strangers, you need to make sure that you trust your real estate agent. Your real estate agent will make sure that the strangers who tour your home, leave without your belongings. However, this information might be far from the truth since there are reported burglary cases and incidents even in these so-called safe neighborhoods. Burglary activities in most incidences are well thought out and carefully planned. Others just happen due to sheer coincidence and curiosity. However, you can avoid all this by taking measures that prevent the burglars from gaining access to your place and breaking in.

1)    Avoid Exposing Your House

Posts about your new house accessories, your current activities in your house using hashtags are all fun until it lands on the wrong hands. Burglars who spot items they might like will continue stalking your social media for more information on your house layout design and security measures in place. They also follow up on posts, and the moment burglars know you are away, they seize the opportunity to steal your items. You need to keep your information and that of your house away from the public. Keep your valuables out of the captions and normal visibility sites since this may be the thing that triggers them to stalk your home and eventually steal.

2)    Install a Security System

You can get a security system installed and controlled from your phone or by security guards on site. Most systems consist of cameras, security lighting controls, and motion sensor lights and alarms. This helps you view activities that are taking place while away and make alerts when there is unwanted and suspicious movement near your house. Additionally, you need to keep the installed security lights on at night to help spot movement and those outside easily and keep burglars away.

3)    Involve Your Neighbors

In a neighborhood where you trust other residents, you can request them to watch over your place when you are away. In case of suspicious movements and people around, they can alert other neighbors or the police. You can also inquire on their vehicles, kids, and spouses to help identify new and unwelcome people and vehicles around. Additionally, you can join hands and confront the unwanted people, and this might scare potential burglars away.

4)    Get a Dog

Dogs are the most helpful animals to keep burglars away. The dog can be indoors or roam around the compound. Barking alerts burglars that they have been spotted, and this might stop their advances. It also raises curiosity when they bark for longer periods than usual alerting the owner and neighbors. In case you do not like dogs, you can get a recorded dog bark and time its barking time differently each day. Additionally, put a ‘Beware of Dog’ signage on your gate. This helps keep the burglars away.

5)    Inspect Your House

Inspect how secure your house is. Check your windows’ security and firmness as well as their windowpane spaces. Additionally, check out loopholes such as the dog or cat door where burglars can gain easy access. You should also change the locks as soon as you move into a new house or as soon as you get burglars and avoid a repeat of the same.

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