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5 Tips for Visually Aesthetic Web Design

Any website is the means of interaction between the business and its audience. Therefore, a visually aesthetic website design is essential to grab the audience’s attention and enhance their user experience. Keep reading this blog post if you’re looking for some website design tips to make your website more appealing.

5 Essential Website Design Tips for a Visually Aesthetic Website

Although there are many tips for designing a website layout, we will focus on the five most important ones. These five tips will help you create a website design that the audience enjoys visiting. Let’s have a look:

Choose a Color Palette Aligned With the Brand’s Ideology

The top priority for your website’s aesthetic appeal is the color palette. Choosing a color palette that speaks with the brand’s ideology and represents its values is imperative.

Hence, if the business you’re designing a website for works in the healthcare industry, try creating a palette around the color blue. In color psychology, blue is associated with dependability and trustworthiness, that’s vital for every healthcare facility.

Moreover, stick to 2-3 base colors when creating a color palette. You can use one of these colors as an accent color to help differentiate the navigational elements from the rest of the design. To enhance the visual appeal, try building the color with light and dark contrast to stay within the palette without losing the edge.

Sticking to a color palette helps communicate a clear message. It also helps to reduce clutter and make elements stand out so that the audience knows where to click next.

Use Negative Space Tactically

Many beginner web designers are afraid to use negative space. However, for highlighting certain elements, negative space can work wonders.

For instance, when there’s a picture of the company leaders at work, you require negative space to highlight the scenario. Cluttering the space with text or jamming it with other design elements and pictures will steal the attention of the main picture.

Negative space, typically presented by white color in web design, also helps balance out the visuals. The space allows the audience to read through important texts and helps in easy and effective communication. Filling every corner with a graphic or text will add noise to the message and negatively impact the user experience.

Balance Out the Design Elements

Balancing the elements is one of the tips for designing a website layout. It creates an aesthetic appeal for the website’s audience. However, it isn’t easy to nail this balance because beginner web designers often confuse it with symmetry.

Asymmetric designs also have a balance of various elements. The visual weight of an object is what you must become good at.

Visual weight can define how much a certain element can command attention. If an element is too heavy on the eyes and immediately attracts all the attention, its visual weight is higher.

Hence, you must balance this visual weight and add certain elements or graphics to attract the audience’s attention. Size, color, and the placement of an element play a huge role in balancing visual weight.

For instance, a small red element in a black-and-white design might add some interest. However, if the red detail is huge and placed at the center, it might throw off balance.

Use Readable Font Styles and Sizes

One of the greatest yet most overlooked website design tips is using readable fonts. Beginner web designers often focus on creating an appealing look using fancy fonts. However, such fonts can be confusing and affect communication.

Even if you’re using fancy fonts, you must always balance them with another font that’s readable and clear. Some fonts don’t work well together as both command attention. Therefore, when choosing fonts for the website, make sure one is subtle.

The sizing of typography can also make or break the user experience. If the headers are too huge compared to the body text, it will steal the attention of the message. In contrast, if headers and body text have similar sizing, the audience will need clarification in identifying the message.

Hence, choose fonts and sizes that the audience can easily read and understand. If a font demands too much attention without being clear, the audience might leave the website soon.

Ensure Harmony in the Overall Design

Harmony in web design is essential to make the overall website work. The colors, fonts, images, graphics, and other design elements must work together to create an appealing user experience. Furthermore, there must be consistency in the web design.

If a website has certain elements on the home page, you should add the same design elements to the About Us page. For instance, a red header on every page will create harmony for a food business. Similarly, if there are hand doodles around two graphics, you should also have them around the third graphic.

This harmony or connection is also essential to balance out all the features. If the colors of the overall design work well but the graphics aren’t consistent with the color palette, the design can look off. The audience might become confused with the brand’s message and purpose.

Hence, creating a unified and consistent website is important.

To Sum It Up!

There are many website design tips you might find on the internet. However, practicing these five essential tips can help you create visually appealing business websites.

When choosing a color palette and other design elements, you must always keep the brand’s ideology in mind. Having a watercolor background might work for an education website but look out of place in a professional high-tech company’s website.

Once you have selected all the elements you’d like to add to a website, do so with harmony and balance. Any overdone element can steal attention from the main message. Every experienced web design company knows these tips for designing a website layout critical for a positive user experience.

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