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5 Tips to Choose Best Real Estate Website Theme

Picking the right theme for your real estate blog or site is so overwhelming if you’re a beginner. Or how are you supposed to maintain your sanity when the task ahead requires that you only pick one theme from thousands of options out there? How, when each subsequent theme you open looks a lot better than the previous one?

You can’t (of course) test them all out. But thanks to this article, we’ll today share 5 crucial tips to help you choose the best real estate template:

Simplicity is the Key

Many real estate themes out there arrive with lot of colors, flashy animations and complex layouts. But one advise to always carry with you is that simplicity thumps sophistication by far.

It’s as such important that you pick a theme that makes it easy for you to reach your goal. Don’t get it wrong, looks matter. But not as much when all they do is come in between simplicity and usability.

The style of the theme you choose shouldn’t be overly complicated. If the design can’t help your user find the information they’re after with ease, then you’re better off trying out the next theme.

Find Real Estate Broker Websites

Simple, find real estate broker websites that bear the same semblance as your brand and remodel them.

Check their level of customization, color scheme and style. Do they match what you have in mind? If so, sample the themes you have and pick one that’s close to that. You can afterwards find a way to customize them and make them unique in your own way.

Check Your Structure of Content

Are you planning to use videos or photos? Do you want them to be the first thing that shows up when someone visits your site?

Well, choose a theme that highlights the things you’ll like to show the most to your site’s visitors. If your greatest strength is the content you post, find a theme that puts more emphasis on that, even though it’s always good to settle for a theme that strikes a balance in everything you post.

Create a Wish List of Plugins and Widgets

The number of widgets and plugins the theme supports can also influence the template you decide to settle on.

Some themes arrive with built-in sidebar placements for RSS sign-up, Google Analytics, and email subscription.

If you’re planning to add IDX searches, mortgage calculators, Market stats, Trulia, Zillow widgets, try finding a theme with three or more columns to avoid overcrowding.

Technical Service

Quite a good number of themes out there don’t come with technical services. It’s either their designers ran out of business or the company just stopped offering any assistance.

If you’ve ever managed a site before, you must have noticed that it only takes one wrong code to completely destroy your entire site. It could be about a plugin you uploaded that ended up interfering with rest of the codes. You might want to find out about that first before deciding on the theme to choose.

Picking the right theme for your real estate website should be both fun and exciting. More like house hunting, knowing what you want and need can save you a lot of frustration besides helping you come up with the best theme there’s in the inter-web.

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