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5 Super-Cool Things to Learn from Minecraft

Minecraft is the Super Mario of this generation because it has become an international phenomenon; unless you’ve been living inside a cave, you probably must have heard about this game or a die-hard fan already.  It is an independent ‘sandbox game’ with more than 100 million users creating their unique fantasies globally on their favourite screens, virtually collecting blocks (mining) and crafting anything from tiny mud huts to giant concrete city landscapes, out of their imagination and creativity.

Minecraft is a delightful, joyful, goofy yet relaxing video game with a fantastic interactive canvas to build anything your creativity allows. It is a popular ‘build and survive’ video game look like a virtual LEGO with customized experiences, encouraging players to create objects with the basic premise to survive and build.

Minecraft is now associated with education due to its inherent academic skills (problem-solving, creativity, working with constraints, imagination,etc.). The game is now being used as a teaching aid in certain classrooms in the UK.

Minecraft is more than just another video game that does not entertain the player but also teaches some basic lessons of life. Below are the different meaningful learning approaches that are artistically embedded in a satisfying cycle of mining resources and turning the blank canvas into a virtual creation:

1. It Triggers Imagination and Creativity

Minecraft is built around world-building; a flexible open platform to create an immersive learning environment and less about programmed levels. The player spent hours in building and rearranging blocks (as many times as they want), exercising their creative freedom and intelligence without any given limitations.

Minecraft puts players to work with imagination through images and metaphors to direct the users. Players get to learn which resources would thrive and which cause dangers, giving a sense of the real world; resultantly players start applying the theory in the real-life situations. It is so addictive that many players opt for options to unblock Minecraft at their schools and offices.

This game allows players to think outside the box and transform their endless imaginations into a simplistic virtual reality; simplicity pushes creativity. Moving back and forth between one another’s worlds enable players to explore own creativity from other’s exposures. Play Minecraft if you want to increase your innate creativity.

2. It teaches Resource Management

One of the features of this strategy-based video game is resource management; the player has finite resources at a given time and has to decide the distribution of block between building different objectives. Do you use wood block now to upgrade tool for mining or save it for the tower you are building?

Even if you don’t realize, you are learning cost-benefit analysis; when to spend versus when to save and other crucial budgeting and financial skills that are important in your life. You just need to connect it rightly.

3. It teaches Patience

The other skills you learn while mining and crafting are patience and perseverance. It takes a while to acquire and assemble resources you have on your to-do list, so Instant gratification is not an option at all. You can relate it to the time when you last time saved for a house or car down payment. Your desire to accomplish something encourages and pushes you to mine hard so that you can craft more and built your virtual kingdom.

4. It boosts Iterative Thinking

Your perseverance level improves when your virtual tower tumbles down, and you get to know your mistakes and try again as many times as you want. In real life we made mistakes and many times get depressed and afraid to reattempt the same task, and if you are a Minecrafter, then you don’t need any other motivation to try again and again. The more you break you’re crafted; to achieve perfection, more iterative you become.

5. It develops Architect skills

Minecraft provides players closest toolset familiar to the most talented architects and landscaping firms alike. You feel friggin awesome after spent an hour deface mountains to have the opportunity to mangle the inanimate beast to the point of misrecognition. Minecraft teaches you to use your creativity and design a piece of land into an amazing structure; if you have aspirations to be an architect then Minecraft is right game to start with but, don’t put ‘Minecraft Extraordinaire’ on your resume.

All Excited To Play Minecraft?

Play Minecraft and expand your learning paradigms, as it’s not just a game, it’s mind-boggling phenomena that don’t entertain and pass your spare hours but also teaches you to survive, explore and invent your digital Universe.

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