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5 Steps to Choosing an ATS for a Small Business

An Application Tracking System (ATS) helps an organization to hire top talents. When it comes to the recruitment process, a small company differs from a large enterprise. A small agency will probably need two or three people in charge of the exercise. Therefore, the main question is, do small businesses need an applicant tracking system? Some small companies will assume that their hiring team is enough. However, these people may also have other tasks to perform besides sourcing, interviewing, and other recruitment activities.

An ATS will help the recruitment team to acquire the best candidate within a short time. All the company needs to do is to gear the process towards optimizing the system for the small agency rather than selecting a system that is ideal for large corporations.

Here are five steps to choosing ATS for a small business.

  • Personalization. Most ATS comes with more features than your small business may need. However, these features will allow you to choose the solution you need while saving on cost. Such a system will also help you if you want to keep your old system operational while updating others. Look for a system that will solve your company’s challenges. The vendors should understand your needs and provide personalized solutions through Emails, phone, or an online help portal.
  • Price. For small enterprises, affordability is a crucial concern. You need to keep your cost as low as possible. You may probably assume that skipping ATS is a good idea. However, it will save you money in terms of the labor time saved when reading through several resumes and other recruitment tasks. Look for an ATS alternative that allows you to pay based on the number of features you need.
  • How you will use the System. Before you begin your search, figure out what you want the ATS to do so that you can prioritize. You can use the system to post vacancies on social media, track applicants, or vet the top candidates. Make a list of your intentions for the ATS and use it as a starting point for your desired needs.
  • Involve Hiring Personnel. Do not assume that you will not need your hiring team once you have activated your ATS. This group will be using the system to recruit employees. Therefore, it is always a good idea to bring them on board and ensure they understand how the system works. Ask for their opinion since you need it during the selection process.
  • Consult. An excellent place to start your consultation process is talking to vendors. Vendors will tell you what to expect in the market. When talking to vendors, be clear and specific about your priorities. Do not let the vendors seduce you into thinking that theirs is the best. Have a list of questions, and you will gain a lot from vendors.

When choosing an ATS, be picky and ensure that you cover all of your problems to maximize the value of your Applicant Tracking System.  

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