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5 Steps to Record Your Skype Calls

Skype is a very helpful business tool used by professionals all around the world. Skype allows us to communicate through both video and sound, giving us a way to communicate that combines efficiency with the personal touch of a face to face conversation.

The disadvantage of Skype is that it doesn’t include any way to record your conversations. If you’re using it for business communication, users often find that they forgot to note one important detail. Fortunately, getting your calls recorded is actually quite simple. There are several benefits to having access to your recorded calls.

ll you need is to follow this simple five-step process.

  • Determine Your Needs
    Different call recording applications have different sets of features. Some are able to record only voice, while others support video. Determine what it is exactly that you’re looking for. Some users want the ability to save voicemail and video messaging services, so you’ll want to think about whether this is a service you could make use of.
  • Research the Software
    There are many packages available that can help you perform the tasks you want. Search online to find a call recorder for skype. Break down all of the features and make sure that the program supports all the different features you need. You’ll also want to double check and make sure that your operating system is supported. Windows users will have no problem finding software that will work on their computer, although there are programs out there that work with OSX.
  • Configure the Program
    From the vendor’s website, click the download button to save the installer to your hard drive. After opening it, you’ll need to follow the step by step directions to get it configured with your computer. Generally, you’ll want to choose the installation location and select any additional options you’d like to be included. Once installed, you’ll be able to configure the software for the first time. Under the options menu, there should be several settings that select when and how the program records your calls. You can set it up to record automatically, or only at certain times. You’ll also want to make a folder on your hard drive where all the recordings are saved. It’s important that you tuck this folder away somewhere that you’ll be able to find later.
  • Use Skype
    If you’ve set the program to record automatically, you can proceed to use Skype as you normally would. You won’t notice any difference between now and your everyday use, except for the ability to relax and not worry about taking note of everything that happens in your conversation
  • Access Your Recordings
    Once you’ve completed your call, all you need to do is browse to the folder where you selected to save your recordings. Generally, this is located in the documents folder. After an important call, my recommendation is to quickly copy this file into another safe place. Over time, I’ve accumulated hundreds of recordings. But I know that I’ve got a separate folder where all of my more important ones are safe and sound.

As long as you’ve followed this simple process, you should have no problem recording and accessing all of your recorded conversations. It’s important to remember to set this up only for your own Skype account. While it’s perfectly fine to record your own calls, it’s illegal to record private phone calls that you are not involved in without prior knowledge.

While the software is in service, it’s almost completely in the background. It’s wise habit to periodically check the legal aspect and confirm that the program is still running.

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