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5 Resources for Continued Education

Continuing your education is a challenge in and of itself. The journey calls for self-determination, discipline and endurance—all of which can be met with obstacles along the way. To make learning and the experience easier, check out these five resources that will help you along the way.

Chegg is the all-in-one resource for college students. So long as you have an online internet service, Chegg can connect you with a multitude of relevant resources that can help you reach your highest potential in the courses you take. The site offers online textbook rentals, homework assistance and online tutoring, along with scholarship and internship matching. Depending on what services you need, you pay for a monthly subscription for continued access and help from Chegg.


Signing up for a class is one thing, but going about studying is a whole different ballpark. The different techniques to study efficiently can be hard to grasp, especially when you may not even know where to start. Quizlet offers various tools that prep you for the next exam. These include flashcards and interactive learning games that circle around the material you’ll be tested on, letting you learn concepts and ace the next test. Additionally, it can provide homework help, where you can double check your answers on assignments and online quizzes.


High-speed internet has paved the way to distance learning. is an online learning platform that was founded by MIT and Harvard University and offers courses from the world’s top universities via online education. With this resource, anyone in the world can participate in continuing their education. EdX has over 130 global partners that help to fuel online classes, which include anything from college algebra to marketing courses. Additionally, many of these courses offer college credit and are especially relevant for those trying to transfer credits into the program they may be working towards. The platform provides the flexibility needed for those who choose to learn from afar and want to do school around their own schedule.

Online Videos

It’s not news that people absorb information in different ways. Some are better off reading a textbook, but others may be more audio-visual learners. Thanks to fast internet service that’s powered constant video streaming, the different ways to learn has expanded into online videos. You can simply Google “how to… (fill in the blank)” and a video will likely pop up. For example, the YouTube channel Crash Course consists of a series of educational videos that are short, entertaining and wide-ranging, covering topics like history, literature, anatomy and physiology. The platform has nearly 8,000,000 YouTube subscribers which goes to show how valuable educational online video content has become.

Online Social Platforms

Social media doesn’t need to just be for marketing or personal entertainment but can be leveraged for school purposes. It’s provided a way to connect to teachers, educational institutions and classmates. You can create or join Facebook groups, for instance, and pose questions that others in your academic program can help answer. Social online platforms have given those in continuing education a community and support network to help them get through their journey.

With these top resources, you can get through a continued education experience more efficiently and even make it an enjoyable one. The resources for homework help, tutoring, interactive learning and online support expand the ways to retain information. Use them to your advantage as you push your way towards higher education.

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Jennifer Thayer is a freelance journalist who loves writing about technology. She enjoys showing readers how they can use devices like laptops and smartphones to make their lives easier. She is an editor at Follow Jennifer on Twitter: @TechyJen.

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1 Comment

  1. Lauren

    August 30, 2018 at 12:52 pm

    Hi Thayer,
    very interesting content,The resources for homework help, tutoring, interactive learning and online support expand the ways to retain information. Use them to your advantage as you push your way towards higher education.

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