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5 Reasons to Start With Web Design and Not Web Copywriting

It’s a never-ending debate that every web designer and copywriter has once come across in their life: should you first write the copy or design the website? There are no right or wrong answers to which approach you choose. Both copywriting and design are essential to web design elements. However, when weighing copywriting vs. web design, focusing on design is a better option.

This blog post discusses several reasons we recommend web designing as the first step for creating a website, followed by web copy. Keep reading to explore more.

Copywriting vs. Web Design: 5 Reasons to Work on Web Design First

Before diving into the reasons for choosing a web design, first, it’s essential to understand that copywriting and design are vital elements of a website. Both are quite interlinked, and there isn’t a right solution to this problem. However, when discussing copywriting vs. web design, starting with design can ease the overall process.

Here are the five reasons you should work on design first and copywriting later.

You Have a Visual Look To Start From

A website is a customer’s first interaction with the business. How the website appears and makes them feel will make a lasting impression. It’s not the copy that’ll keep the audience’s attention focused on the business but the colors and design elements.

Moreover, when copywriters have a visual aesthetic of the website ready, they know and understand the brand’s message better. They also understand the structure and layout of each website and know which pieces they must write.

For instance, a web copy usually has an About Us page, which is detailed as it discusses the business’s origin story. However, copywriters know how much space they must cover if the page is focused more on team members than the story.

Copywriters Have a Precise Word Count to Follow

Working on web design first will also help copywriters limit their word count. Exceeding the word count is an issue that can severely harm the message a business needs to convey. Overwriting copy means the actual message of the brand is stretched over into several paragraphs. If the only way is to shorten the entire writing, copywriters can erase many important messages. Hence, the web copy isn’t robust or effective for the business’s customers.

Therefore, designing a website first gives copywriters a clear sense of space and font size. Both of these elements allow copywriters to guess the word count required precisely. Thus, when a copywriter writes with the design in mind, they don’t exceed the word limit.

Copywriters Don’t Need to Deal With Wireframing

Without a web design, copywriters often need to figure out the website’s wireframing. Deciding where the message is supposed to go and how much space is needed for each grid is incredibly challenging for copywriters. Web designers also struggle with this wireframing created by the writers as they have to make adjustments without ruining the copy.

When you work on web design first, your copywriter doesn’t need to engage with this task that’s not their expertise. Moreover, web designers also don’t need to make design adjustments according to the wireframe designed by the writer. Hence, the designer and the copywriter can present their original work that doesn’t need to be compromised.

Fewer Chances of Content Revision

Exceeding the word limit or writing less are both challenges that copywriters face when they don’t have a web design to follow. This issue can turn into a bigger one: revisions.

Revisions are fine in common settings when the client wants a couple of elements tweaked in the copy. However, when the revision is regarding the length, there’s more work to put into it.

Copywriters either have to cut down on every important message or change their creative tone. On the other hand, if they want to lengthen the copy, adding fluff does the work but robs the effectiveness.

Thus, when web designers work on a website model first, the revision issue doesn’t occur. Web copywriters know the word count and follow it to ensure there are no issues with the length.

Easier Integration of Creative Elements

Web designs are all about keeping the audience engaged on the website. The more time they spend on the website, the more chances they will make a purchase. Therefore, web designers add certain creative elements to catch the audience’s attention.

However, when you move with a copy-first approach, there’s a possible risk of the copy overtaking most of the space. When web designers create a website around the copy, it can often become challenging to incorporate the creative elements effectively.

For instance, if a copywriter has written a lengthy copy for a homepage, the designer might need more space to integrate smart video.

Hence, working with a design-first approach can save you the dilemma of adjusting or leaving the creative elements behind. Adjusting might clutter the website, which is unappealing to customers. In contrast, leaving these elements can make the website boring and basic.

To Sum It Up!

Copywriting and design are two crucial elements of a website. While there’s no right or wrong approach to resolve the issue of copywriting vs. web design, the design-first approach is often more favorable. Hence, when working on a website, ensure the design is done before starting the copy.

Even if you outsource your website development to third-party web design service providers, choose a firm that can offer both web design and copywriting services. Great web design can inspire better copy.


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Dave Brown is a Sr. Editor at Content Development Pros – a leading inbound marketing company that provides comprehensive content solutions, web design and development, SEO, and blog writing services to small and mid-sized businesses. With more than a decade of experience and over 60,000 completed projects to their credit, they enjoy the trust of hundreds of regular customers from all industries and parts of the world.

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