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5 Reasons To Avoid An Unlimited Space/Bandwidth Web Host

There are some sites that take up a lot of space and that is where unlimited hosting comes in. The truth of the matter is that there is nothing like unlimited space when it comes to web hosting, but many web hosts have always used this idea as a marketing scheme to get more customers. This article will highlight some of the reasons why you should avoid an unlimited space web host. The following are five major reasons why customers should avoid unlimited hosting:

1. An Unlimited Hard Drive Is Yet To Be Created

It is important for customers to understand that there is no such as an unlimited hard drive. Hard drives have a limit when it comes to size and an unlimited drives yet to be created. There are some physical limits when it comes to serving, storing and uploading data. There is nothing like unlimited space even if some hosts claim to use a Storage Area Network.

2. Unlimited Neighbors Can Cause Problems For Your Site

Many hosting customers are not aware of the fact that their signing up with an unlimited host may spell disaster for their site. Some customers are attracted by the popularity that comes with large fees in averages and the freedom from worrying about the amount of data on their sites but ignore the troubles that come unlimited hosting. Customers with websites that use too many resources and at the same time attract hackers go for unlimited hosting and it is some times difficult to identify such websites once they have been set up. Unlimited neighbors with such sites can cause the server to run very slowly or even crash. Customers with small sites tend to suffer a lot as a result of unlimited neighbors.

3. Customers Do Not Know The Actual Limits

An unlimited hosting account can not make you an instant hit as many customers tend to think. The terms of service for many unlimited web hosting companies are vaguely defined and shrouded in secrecy which makes it difficult fro customer to know if there are any limits when it comes to space. You will only know about the limits when your account is cancelled, shut off or throttled.

4. There Is Severe Restriction On The Number Of Files You Can Store

Customers can not upload extra files once the limit has been exceeded although you are never told that such a limit exists. Sites that have a lot of images such as eCommerce sites tend to exhaust such limits.

5. Hardware Is Less Reliable

Large storage requirements that are associated with unlimited hosting make the hardware to be less reliable. Most unlimited web hosting companies use lower quality hardware especially when they charge a low price for their services. Most systems that are supported by unlimited hosting are less reliable as a result of lower quality software.


There are physical limits when it comes to hosting space. Unlimited hosting makes server performance to be less reliable.

Christian Turner owns a web hosting company with some valuable experience in system web design. He has written many posts on topics like 5 Reasons to Avoid an Unlimited Space/Bandwidth Web Host, GoDaddy Coupon, HostPapa Review.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Rohit Dubey

    March 14, 2014 at 1:50 pm

    I also used to think that Unlimited hosting is the last phase and I will not need anything now but there was nothing like unlimited badwidth and all.I had to go for VPS and it really hurt me.

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