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5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Preparing to Interview a Cloud Backup Company

A cloud backup service stores business information from your computers to an offsite server. This information is made available any time to individuals with authorization to access. Investing in a cloud backup system is one of the most important decisions to make for your business today.

cloud backup

Data corruption, system failure and theft are just some of the risks that you can safeguard your company from by using cloud backup systems. You need to choose a cloud backup company that can provide for the needs of your business. When choosing a company to work with, remember to ask the following questions:

  1. Is the system customized to your business operations?

Good cloud backup software merges well into your business operations without you having to make major changes to integrate it. Therefore, you should find out from the company whether the software they have is a good business fit. Consider companies that deal with similar sized businesses in the same niche and environment as you are since there are some experienced in related industries and familiar with the laws and standards that regulate your industry.

  1. Can the software adapt to your needs and grow with your business?

Businesses grow on a daily basis and with the right infrastructure in place, this growth can happen exponentially. You need a system that can adapt to the needs of your business and grow with it through enhancements and upgrades. Find companies whose technology is built on a solid platform.

Cloud Backup Robot is one such system with backup and recovery features to protect data on servers, computers and even third party cloud based applications. The system has a variety of programmable features in order to suit the operation schedule of your business such as one-click backing, automatic restore and scheduled deletion of redundant data.

  1. What security systems do they have?

Security is very important when it comes to organizational data. Landing into the wrong hands could cause a business catastrophe. Therefore, you must find a company that can protect your data through encryption and prevention of illegal access. These companies should be willing to allow you to review their security policies before you commit to any service. You should make sure that their security systems are regulated and standardized by other bodies.

  1. What determines the cost of service?

Cost is also a huge determinant when choosing whom to work with. You should be charged for actual services rendered without any extra or hidden fees. You should find out what determines service costs such as amount of data backed, the size of your business and the number of data formats, among others. You should find out also what happens when you exceed your previous limit and how to pay for these extra services.

  1. What level of technical support is available?

You need to work with companies that have a dedicated client support team available at all times. Challenges often arise when using such systems and you need to be assured that you will get the help you need. A few minutes or hours of downtime could see you lose a lot of crucial information.

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