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5 Hacks to Make your Website Load at Lightning Speed

Nothing is more annoying than having a slow website.  It’s not only bad for end-users but also very bad for website owners. A website is not only necessary for businesses but also for those who wish to have an online presence and spread their message to the world. Whether they are photographers trying to showcase their work, artists trying to make their voice heard, stay-at-home moms, providing DIY tutorials, or teachers who want to share their knowledge, it’s very important to have a website. Speed is the key factor that can make your website effective.

Why Does Your Website’s Speed Matter?

Speed can make a website effective. It affects your traffic, page views, conversions, sales, and overall reputation. Therefore, website speed plays a very vital role in making your business successful. If you want to stand out from your competition then it should be one of your top priorities. By speeding up your website you can provide your visitors with a better user experience.

Furthermore, your website speed is very important for your SEO. Buffalo Soldiers has a strong reputation to provide the best SEO services in India. If your website loads fast, your ranking in search engines will be higher. This happens because Google favors fast websites, and it rewards them by giving a high rank in search engine results. Apart from speed, the user experience is another factor in Google’s ranking algorithm. So, by improving the speed of your website and increasing your user experience, you will eventually raise your SEO ranking.

As a result, you’ll receive higher traffic and attract more quality leads that you can easily convert into customers, eventually which can help you in increasing your sales and generating more revenue.

How to Test Your Website’s Speed?

  • Page Speed Perception:

It is Google’s free tool wherein you can test your website’s speed most easily. Simply copy-paste the URL of the website you wish to check and this tool will analyze the site and provide diagnostics and various audits to inform about the performance of the site.

  • Pingdom :

It is a very useful tool that not only tests your website speed but also reviews and grades your website’s performance. It can also route your website’s performance, so you can have an insight into any potential changes to be done in your website speed.

  • YSlow:

It is a tool that tests your website speed and also helps you to improve your website. It can also provide you with a Chrome extension for your browser to access easily.

Here are some ways to help you improve the speed and loading time of your website:

Upgrade Your Web Hosting Plan:

 Whenever people create a website for the first time they opt for cheap web hosting plans. As you keep updating your site with more content and the website grows in popularity, eventually, it will slow down. There is a possibility it is happening with you right now and if so, then you must opt to upgrade your web hosting plan.

Enable Browser Caching:

Enabling caching can improve your website speed notably and give a more rewarding experience to the visitors viewing your site. Browser caching is a process in which certain aspects of the web pages and data are temporarily stored in your browser. This enables faster loading of your website, especially if someone is revisiting it.

Enable Gzip Compression:

GZip compression is a type of data compression that enables fast webpage loading. When in use, it reduces bandwidth costs for serving the site as visitors to your webpage will be downloading smaller files. It’s the best and most effective method that can considerably minimize HTTP requests and reduce the response time.

Remove Unnecessary Plugins:

Every plugin you add requires resources to be able to run. Although, more resources lead to a slower website. If you find some of the unnecessary or no longer use plugins, you should deactivate and delete them. If you add too many plugin’s it will not only slow down your website but can also cause some security issues and crashes.

Optimize Your Images:

Images take up a lot of data. When they’re not optimized, they use a lot of server resources and take a lot of time to load. Hence, consider reducing the size of your images without negatively affecting their quality. You can achieve this by using a plugin that can easily compress your images and ensure they don’t lose quality.

Improving the speed of your website is very essential and it can make or break your site. As people expect a fast transaction, it is imperative to optimize your website to benefit the users and your site, especially if you depend on it for business purposes.

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