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5 Free CRM Tools that will Help Keep Your Business Stay Organized

CRM or Customer relationship management is a series of activities. It helps to strategize customer and business interaction which is aimed for customer retention. Sales CRM helps to gather information about the customers, enabling the concerned business to learn and know more about their customers. With relevant data, the companies get better equipped to customize their offers for their customers. It effectively brings in more automation helping business function at an optimal level. It also offers great analytical and operational insights. When you are choosing a CRM software keep in mind that it does have the following features

  • Track contacts and has storage
  • Mobile options
  • Good organization capability
  • Basic data analysis
  • Collaboration and integration ability

If you are not ready for investing in allocating any budget for sales CRM then you can try out the following Free CRM Software to test the benefits of having such a system integrated into your business. Here is a list of 5 popularly used free CRM tools.

1. HubSpotCRM – One of the best CRM that is available out there for free is the HubSpotCRM. One of the easiest to navigate service with plenty of storage, pipeline management, lead follow up, integration facility and email marketing options make it truly unique.  They are famous for bringing in the human touch even through automation to the CRM. Sales dashboard has a drop-down menu which offers too many choices. On a default level, the companies get linked for good with your business. Custom pipeline choices and task planning help with the process of managing sales. Settings offer a lifecycle stage synch which is very helpful.

2. ZohoCRM – The reason for ZohoCRM to be popular is the fact that it offers amazing integration options. But on the hindsight, it is slower than other free CRMs. It also starts charging for the email service. Storage is also limited and for adding more users you will be asked to pay per user. The best and most effective feature that Zoho claims is that it can sync with LinkedIn. Their salesIQ feature is also very unique. ZohoCRM is perfect to address core business need for small business. It arranges all data in an amazing and robust way. The dashboard has great social media features. Workflow capture also is a good way to check the rate of progress. For paid membership, the features are more detailed and needless to say they also get more comprehensive.

3. Bitrix24 – It has amazing project management abilities. Apart from tracking leads, it offers in-built marketing automation. The invoicing is yet another feature that a lot of users find to be extremely helpful. Sometimes it is slow, and many believe it to have a counterintuitive interface. All interactions get tracked and it makes it easier to plan future action. You even get the option of storing data on either your server or on the cloud. Depending on lifecycle, sales funnel can be managed by using Bitrix24 for free but in a limited fashion. It has document sharing options as well as lead management and contact backup. You can set your own target and see if you fulfill the quota or not. It also has a mobile version which is a great tool.

4. CapsuleCRM – It is great with email marketing and has amazing integration features. But most of the services are kept for paid or upgraded members. The free version lets only two users use it and has very limited storage of up to 10MB. You can only have 250 contacts that you can use. The use cases that are available holds amazing opportunities. It is definitely more affordable if you want to get the paid services. The type of services you would want are the ones you would have to pay, in case you decide to upgrade from a free membership. Unlimited contacts are one of its most attractive features.

5. ReallySimpleSystems – It has a lot of cool features ranging from customization, integration option with Xero. The task management feature is amazing. It also helps with sales pipeline. Even though it has amazing features that are on offer for free, what it lacks is good reporting. The webinars and even the tutorials that are regularly conducted are very helpful. It makes them a popular choice among small business looking for the CRM experience. The customer service is excellent. It guides you on all steps for all features that are on offer. Extremely resourceful software. It is known to has adopted some great approaches to track leads. It also greatly helps in automating the sales process. The dashboard and the user interface is very clear and thus easy to use. The reporting is quite analytical and deeply insightful.

Other free CRM tools that are quite useful and that you can perhaps consider are Spreadsheet CRM, SuiteCRM, Cloze, Insightly and Freshsales. Be prepared to upgrade your CRM as your business grows. For freelancers and small to moderately sized business free CRM can be a big help until they can figure out what type of CRM they will need to employ on a more regular basis. Do invest in a CRM system, it will help you greatly in the sales process. Try out a free software or test out many and subscribe for the one that works best for your company.

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Apoorv Bhatnagar is a Digital marketer at Freshworks Inc. He generally writes about software that improve your marketing, sales or hiring process.

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