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5 Effective Ways To Gain Your Weight Naturally

Do you feel underweight? Well, you jumped onto the right page! Weight problems often become healthcare problems that are never stale to be discussed.

Are you feeling underweight? Well, you jumped to the right page! Weight problems often become healthcare problems that are never stale to be discussed. The person with ideal weight wants to be thin, the thin one wants to be fat, and the fat one wants to be flat.

There is nothing strange about people who feel themselves too thin or lacking in weight, so they want to gain weight as long as it can fatten the body naturally to get the ideal weight.

Here we point out the natural and quick way to fatten your body.

Increase The Portion And Frequency Of Meals

Logically, the way to gain weight is none other than adding portions and frequency of food. However, you can’t just eat it, pay close attention to the proportion and rate of your meal, so it’s not excessive.

Foods that you must consume are healthy-food healthy food, not junk food. For the frequency and time of eating, there is also a count, not every second, to eat. You also have to be able to adjust according to your abilities and capacities.

Still, stop eating before you are full and increase carbohydrate content in each portion of your meal.

Add 20% Calorie And Carbohydrate

The next way to gain weight is related to the nutrients contained in the food you consume. Choose solid nutritious foods. Remember, don’t use junk food instead of getting fat instantly.

Adding calories is an absolute way to fatten the program. Be wise in choosing foods that you will be consuming. You can eat bread, donuts, and cakes. But please select calorie and complex hydrated foods with low glycemic levels such as brown rice, beans, dried fruit, and avocados.

Avoid Drinking Before Meals And Increase The Intake Of Dairy Drinks

Aside from food, how to gain weight naturally can also be in terms of drinks. It would help if you avoided the habit of drinking before eating. Because it can make you full faster, which may make you unable to eat more servings.

Increase your intake of dairy drinks such as yogurt, pudding, ice cream, or high-fat milk. Milk is right for your body. Besides containing healthy fats, milk also contains potassium, which is good for bone growth.

You need to know that not all fats are bad. There are perfect fats whose job will help increase weight and increase energy in the body.

Expand Snacks With Healthy Fat Content

Snacking is said to be one way to fatten the body quickly. If you want to get fat, you can start snacking healthier. Snacking between breakfast and lunch or between lunch and dinner.

Remember, do not just snack. Choose healthy snacks, which contain protein and carbohydrates such as boiled peanuts, milkshakes, fruits, or maybe packaged snacks that are clear and have good nutritional content.

Exercise To Increase Muscles’ Mass

Even if you are in a period of gaining weight does not mean you have to stop exercising. If aerobic exercise aims to burn calories for weight loss, weight training,  fitness, and gym, or practice and yoga can help you gain weight by building your muscles.

Also, limit sports that can lose weight, such as cardio, aerobics, or running.

Get A Quality Sleep

We all know that sleep has a close relationship with health. You know, sleep is not just for rest, but sleeping properly is very important for muscle growth.

Set a sleep schedule and stick to it regularly. Try to get enough time to sleep. You can also take a warm bath before going to bed at night to make your sleep more relaxed.

If you want to fatten the body or gain weight, it will not hurt you to consult a doctor first. Follow the doctor’s advice and do a fattening program with the doctor’s assistance. Good luck!

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Andre Oentoro is the founder of Breadnbeyond, an award winning explainer video company. He helps business increase conversion rates, close more sales and get positive ROI from explainer videos (in that order).

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