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5 Easy Ways To Protect Your Digital Life

Digital life’s important for us and so is its safety. Read on for ways to handle yours with kid gloves!

Awkward as it is today, you may lose your entire digital life in just a few hours despite that it takes lots of time to build it. Most of us become security conscious only after we’ve lost an email or social media account and/or got our web presence affected in some other manner!

So, it’s important that you are alert enough to learn and practice the right precautionary measures well in time.

Digital Life

Here are some easy ways to help you prevent all this from happening to you.

Foolproof Backing Up of Data:

Develop a habit of backing all your important data up by employing multiple sources. One of the most popular and effective ways is cloud backup. Make sure you take help from a reputed professional capable of protecting your data with convenient and modern ways. For extra safety, keep your data stored in a portable hard disk drive too.

Change/Fortify Passwords:

The first thing is to ensure that you are using different passwords for each of your email and social networking accounts. Another requisite is to choose strong-strength and difficult-to-guess passwords. You have the option of using a password manager in case you find it difficult to manage so many complex passwords.

Opt for Two-Step Verification:

Most social media platforms including Facebook and Google are providing their users with highly useful and reliable features like two-step verification, making the login process safer. The two-step verification system requires the user to have an extra pin code in addition to the password.

Make Your Security Questions Stronger:

Almost all good websites use security questions in order to authenticate users for maximum security. This feature is equally helpful when users forget their passwords and want to reset them. Although hackers can try guessing your answers to hack your accounts, still you can make it nearly impossible for them by choosing unique answers to the security questions.

Allow Login Notifications:

One of the greatest safety features that you can rely on is the login notification feature. Many social networks and banking websites offer this security feature. Once you start using it, you are notified via SMS or email when someone attempts to access your account from an unrecognized mobile or computer device.

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Ng Wei Khang, CEO at a Singapore based IT consultancy company, APIXEL IT Services, has been operational for over 8 years from now. Apixel provides fixed price IT Support Services with unlimited packages that includes small business server setup, Cloud Solution Configuration, Network management and Data security & Theft prevention. The company also provides expert IT consultancy to SMEs in Singapore.

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