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5 of the Best Streaming Shows You Need to Watch Now on Hulu

There is so much content right now – it’s hard to keep track of the best ones out there. This rings true for streaming sites. There are new shows uploaded on the regular which adds to the bucket list of programming you need to binge off from time to time.

However, instead of focusing on the fat, put all your undivided attention to the meat of streaming sites. If you look close enough, the best streaming shows are just right in front of you. Some are obvious while others are diamonds in the rough waiting for you to find them.

In this post, you will discover the best streaming shows that are still ongoing on Hulu and must catch up on to get onboard their respective hype trains.

The best streaming shows you need to binge

1. Harlots

Regardless of what you feel about brothels, they are sources of livelihood for people. Harlots deals with the life of brothel owners Margaret Wells and Lydia Quigley in 18th century London. Aside from the challenges of running of brothel in competition with others, they also face a new obstacle in the way – religious crusaders who want to shut down all brothels. It wrapped up its second season this past month with both seasons garnering positive reviews from critics.

2. Handmaid’s Tale

In a world where fertile women are few and far in between, what do you think will happen? In this dystopian fiction based on Margaret Atwood’s 1973 novel, Handmaid’s Tale tackles complex topics set in a totalitarian, sexist world. Not for the faint of heart, the show is a brutal and visual attack to the senses due to its central themes. While this show might not be for people who want a less uncompromising view of the world, it didn’t stop critics of awarding the show as one of 2016’s best and heaped praises to Elizabeth Moss’ portrayal as the lead role.

3. Castle Rock

For Stephen King fans out there, Castle Rock will surely satisfy your craving for some twisted psychological horror. It just wrapped its first season a couple of months and ago and is renewed for a second one. What makes this show great is how it successfully translates King’s fascinating storytelling on a web series.

4. Fargo

1996’s Fargo by the Coen Brothers was a critical success and generated lots of Oscar buzz. Fast-forward 18 years later, the movie was adapted to the small screen that stays true to the original with a few twists and turns. The show is a crime anthology that follows the events from the film. Each season is recast with a new set of actors and actresses that includes Kirsten Dunst, Billy Bob Thornton, Ewan McGregor, and others. If you like a crime series with some black comedy sprinkled on top this show is for you.

5. Difficult People

As the title suggests, Difficult People delve in the life of two highly unlikable people with aspirations to become comedians. Both are mean-spirited, cruel, and hate everything else except each others. On paper, the show sounds like a hard sell to audiences who may not be up for its dark approach to comedy. However, main protagonists Julie Klausner and Billy Eichner make their dreary characters work in this cynical yet humorous look at life.

How can I watch the best streaming shows?

As mentioned earlier, you are familiar with some of these shows because they are available in the streaming sites of your country. For the other shows, they might be blocked by the region you are in. As a result, some of the content available on Hulu US, for example, is not available in Netflix when you’re in the UK or Australia. To forego this issue, all you need to do is sign up for a DNS proxy that lets you watch hulu in UK and unlock all of its content. Once you’re signed up to a proxy, you can also view content from other streaming sites that were blocked before. Therefore, you can cut through the fat of streaming sites and go straight to the meat like we said earlier!

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