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5 of the Best Professional-Like Photo Apps on iOS and Android Platforms

Photos are something, which captures some crisp memories, which you will like to visit again and again. Sometimes it is just a mere canvas for the painting that does not require an easel or color, it’s all natural. From DSLR to the mobile camera, photography is now a leisurely action or professions for many among us.

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As DSLR needs a lot of capabilities and technical knowledge many of us has taken resort in the mobile camera and loads of apps available in the Apple Store and Play Store. Let us take a ride across some of the great photo apps available on both the app stores.

Fotor (Free)

A flexible photo-editing app that runs on both iOS and Android is easy to edit and pick up. It produces quality results. Fotor is able to deliver all this and best of all what you can download is free. This versatile app that let you edit, collage or share images and let you discover some of the masterpieces clicked by others.

The latest version of Fotor 5.7 has launched the focus feature, most of the new SLR technology to create pictures with great depth and clarity.

Lifecake (Free)

Now saving every day pictures with ease with Lifecake, such as the way your child grows up, every anniversary or maybe how you are ageing. You will see there is a timeline free from adverts and noise that stuffs most social media channels. You can easily look at your age-old memories and share them with your close friends anytime.

Most of the people touted it as the ‘time machine of your child’s life’ where you get to select stages and compare different dates. Even you can take a decision on who can see your images. As it is a Canon company app, you can easily order a printed album of your precious photos. (Of course, that is not free)

VSCO Cam (Free)

Take snaps like a professional with VSCO Cam. You can create your stunning photography or connect with amazing photographers across the world. Create your own VSCO Journal to join the community and find inspiration from other users. Compared to other social media the followers are clout and not displayed, giving everyone equal space to share in the creative field.

The apps have the coolest feature that are top performing and includes high resolution before and after comparison to show how you built up your edit. Runs on both iOS and Android

FxCamera (Free)

Now apps turning you into a creative photographer is a matter that can no doubt raise your brows. Nevertheless, if the app is FxCamera then the photo effect is surely going to please every user that can surely make people bold.

The killer feature of this app is no doubt Voice Picture, which enables you record a voice message at the same time you click photos. This you can do via on-screen shutter button when you swipe it to the right and hold it down to create kind of spoken caption of the image. You can even share the voice pictures of Facebook.

Photoshop Express (Free)

Adobe has the best creations for the photos and when it comes to user experience, nothing is comparable to them. Photoshop Express photo app for iOS and Android devices is flawless. It performs all functions that you need for picture editing and will probably be the one to turn for sheer convenience.

The filter does not jump out unexpectedly some are surprisingly are the feature only for the designers or efficient photographers.

Download them to feel like a professional photographer. Realize the SLR effects in your mobile with these selected apps in the above list.

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Pratip Biswas, the Owner and CEO of Unified Infotech is actively involved in, Mobile App Development, and Internet Marketing since 2010. Pratip's knowledge and experience have made him one of the most respected and referenced in the web and mobile app industry and his passion for innovation and growth has led his company to success.

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