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5 Best Pro Scooters & Stunt Scooters

Back in the day, scooters were kids’ toys and fun accessories. The ones passionate about their rides grew up to become professional competitors, always looking for the next challenge and the best toys on the market. Naturally, the business of pro and stunt scooters grew as well, now being one of the most attractive markets for sensation seekers and seasoned X-sports practitioners.

These days, scooters are no longer toys. They come with advanced technology, priding themselves as being veritable engineering artworks. If you are looking for the best pro and stunt scooters on the market these days, we have five makes and models for you to test and love!

1. Madd Gear VX7 Team Scooter

Madd Gear is one of the most reputable scooter brands on the pro scooter market. The VX7 series is fresh and comes with very interesting features for its price. The best part is that you can use the scooter for X-sports and your day-to-day mobility needs. Some of its best traits are as follows:

  • Heat-treated and fluted aircraft-grade aluminum deck;
  • Steel fork and bars for strength, durability, reliability, and support;
  • Great responsiveness due to the flex brake;
  • IHC solid system.

You need to keep in mind that this is a mid-tier pro scooter, but upon testing, specialists agreed this is just as bit as pro as other ones with higher price points. In comparison to the VX6 pro scooter, this new entry makes a good choice for teens and adults.

The tall, wide bars and the long, wide deck is suitable for larger riders. Smaller riders will need to make some changes to the scooter in terms of the bar. Otherwise, the scooter is indeed a great team player, bringing good value to the table and offering fun rides to all stunt aficionados.

2. Vokul LMT Stunt Pro Scooter

If you are serious about stunts and X-sports, you need a pro scooter to offer you stability, reliability, strength, flexibility, and safety. Your vehicle will take quite a beating, so you need a scooter to keep up with you. From this point of view, the Vokul VK Pro Scooter comes with a medium price range but a good build, excellent for kids, teens, and adults alike.

Some of the best features of the Vokul are as follows:

  • Very solid aluminum build to suit all ages;
  • Great deck width for tricks, stunts, balance, and free riding;
  • High-quality wheels for smooth riding and a nice feeling of speed.

The Vokul comes with a few drawbacks, but you can overcome them if you match your riding needs with the make and model of the scooter. For instance, the Vokul comes with a relatively low maximum weight for riders. If you intend, however, to buy this for kids or teenagers, it should work great. The price is good and Vokul is a reputable brand that will tend to your needs.

3. Lucky EVO Freestyle Pro Scooter

Lucky is a great brand to try if you are into tricks and stunts. The 2017 Lucky EVO is indeed an excellent choice if you are serious about circuit sporting and competitions. The model is one of the largest on the market, able to accommodate larger riders and making them feel comfortable. The full 5” wide deck and the 25” x 24” bar makes this a good option for adults. Unfortunately, smaller riders, such as teenagers, may feel the need to modify the scooter to match their size and needs.

Some of the best traits of the Lucky EVO are as follows:

  • It features Lucky’s signature industry best standard compression system;
  • The wide deck features aircraft-grade aluminum;
  • The 120 mm wheels come with a steel flex brake and offer a smooth, fast ride.

Before you decide to buy this scooter, you should know the aluminum bars are less durable and strong than steel ones, and that you will have to take some significant money out of your pocket.

If mobility and tricks are of the essence for your kid or teenager, you can also look for the Lucky 2018 Covenant model. It is great for smaller riders and besides allowing plenty of versatility for tricks and stunts, it is great for practicing free rides to the nearby park.

4. Blitz Storm Pro Kick Scooter

When you are looking for pro stunt scooters, you probably need multiple speeds, high levels of maneuverability, and enough versatility so you can practice your full repertoire of tricks. If this is the case, the Blitz Storm Pro Kick Scooter is a very good choice. The only amendment here is that the more versatile and advanced the scooter is, the more you are in need of control.

Fortunately, Blitz designed this scooter for professionals who already had their fair share of competitions, pro circuits, and accidents. The model is incredibly robust, ready to take all the beatings you can give it. Moreover, the 1-year warranty is a nice thing to hold on to whenever you try your most rebellious of moves.

5. Fuzion Z300 Pro Scooter

Fuzion is still a niche brand, not yet able to take over the professional circuits (which are in the firm grasp of Lucky and Madd Gear), but it is one of those scooter brands that can genuinely compete against the big boys at excellent price points on top. The Z300 is interesting because it appeals specifically to those passionate about grind tricks.

The grind bars at the base of the deck are a good indication that you can test your grinding skills once you get your hands on this beauty. Pro scooter riders will also enjoy the flex brake, offering them reliable responsiveness. The scooter is able to make it through the rigors of pro events with flying colors.

Some of the best features of the Z300 are:

  • Special features for grinding;
  • Responsive and durable flex break;
  • Ideal for larger riders;
  • Great quality-price balance.

Even if the bar is a little bigger than smaller riders would prefer, they can make some modifications. The entire scooter uses steel on almost all parts except for the deck, which features aircraft-grade aluminum. In other words, the scooter is a bit heavier than other mixing steel and aluminum parts.

Did you ever use one or more of these pro and stunt scooters? Which one did you like best? Which of these models would you choose for a test ride in the future?

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