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5 of the Best Financial Portfolio Management Software In 2015

Used by individual investors and companies around the world, these financial portfolio management software can maximize your profits while managing investments for the clients.

More and more investors now rely on portfolio management tools to ensure that they provide their clients with the best quality services. These tools and software systems also ensure that the clients get customized services, providing investors an opportunity to grow themselves. Check out some of the most powerful financial portfolio management software that have revolutionized the market in 2015-

Vector Vest for Stocks

If you are trading hundreds and thousands of dollars’ worth of stock every day, then you should consider investing in Vector Vest. The leading stock analysis and portfolio management system is arguably the best, most comprehensive stock analysis tool in the market. The different variants of this product are customized, ensuring that everyone gets something that’s suitable for their needs. For instance, they offer products like Vector Vest for US, Canada, Australia, Singapore and United Kingdom among other regions, offering comprehensive details of over 23000 around the world. Analysis are provided through the use of Relative Value, Relative Safety and Relative Timing measurements, ensuring that investors don’t have to waste their time analyzing and managing portfolio on this unique financial portfolio management software.


Financial Portfolio management gets an edge through Epicor, which offers automated and streamlined financial processes that control and support legislative requirements. The system, although not comprehensive enough for stocks can be used for receivable accounts, credits and collections’ management, general ledger and eliminations, payroll, fixed asset and tax management or planning, forecasting and budgeting. The financial software also offers true cloud deployment for Enterprise Resource Planning.

Morning Star

One of the most popular financial portfolio management software, Morning Star has been designed to provide basic investment cost performance. It can be used for managing portfolios, but doesn’t offer detailed assessment of investments. It can certainly offer comparisons, such as X-Ray features for analysis. The tool also includes statistics for comparing different clients and different investment features. It is recommended for investors who primarily invest in mutual funds, rather than stocks.

Pro Trader 7 Searches

Easy to use, this one is for growing professionals. The product, which has simple analytical devices doesn’t requires hours of scrolling through or understanding different types of data and charts. Therefore, it saves an incredible amount of time. Pro Trader 7 searches has been designed with fewer graphical representations, which have been prioritized, so that the user misses nothing just because of lack of time. Easy and effective, the product has 28 technical searches for customization.

Personal Portfolio Analysis- Vector Vest

Personal Portfolio Analysis
If you are an investor thinking of managing your personal portfolio only, then get free trials for this financial portfolio management software. The software has been designed for personal usage. Therefore, it can personalized for your usage, your aims and goals. The product can also provide reliable assessment of stocks and investments, while predicting their relative value.

Use any of these popular software to stay ahead in the market!

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I am Sarah Edwards, a blogger by profession. I have been writing business blogs for some of the start ups related to technology, society and entertainment industry. Graduated in Mass Communication and have more than three years of blogging experience.

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1 Comment

  1. Greg Branson

    June 1, 2016 at 10:02 am

    Hi Sarah Edwards,

    Thanks for the great information.

    This article is very useful for the people who are new to investing, and people who are confused with stock software.

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