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5 Benefits of Using WiFi on Your Smartphone

With the world moving towards an increasingly digital era, WiFi has turned out to be one of the most important amenities. Staying connected regardless of wherever we travel has become the new norm. Mobility and accessibility are the important aspects of today’s lives.

As a result, smartphones have turned out to be an exceptionally important device to stay connected on the go. This is quite evident in the overwhelming mobile penetration over the years. In fact, it has been estimated that by 2017, more than 63.4% of mobile phone users will use these devices to access the Internet. The smartphones nowadays are incorporated with the ability to utilize WiFi hotspots, thus providing limitless possibilities to the users.

Smartphones and other electronic devices use WiFi to connect wirelessly to the Internet with the help of radio waves. This method of connection to the WiFi requires a hotspot or an access point which is usually a physical device. Connecting to the hotspot allows you to use the smartphone to its fullest capacity.

While many smartphone users prefer the usage of cellular data over WiFi connectivity, using WiFi on a smartphone has a number of advantages. Let’s take a look at some of these here.

Efficient Transmission

The cellular network has a greater coverage than WiFi hotspots. Such cellular networks use terrestrial transmitters. Since smartphone users are required to move around a lot, they are required to use more than one terrestrial transmitter to stay connected on the go. On the contrary, a router is much closely located to the smartphone than a terrestrial transmitter and the smartphone connects to the router with the help of radio waves. As a result, the transmission is much faster when a smartphone is utilizing WiFi instead of a cellular network.

Less Restriction on Data Usage

Usually, monthly mobile plans have limitations regarding the data that you can transfer to and from your smartphone. If you exceed this data limit, you will be charged an extra amount of money for the data you use which will be levied over the regular fees for the data plan. Usually, WiFi plans usually offer high-bundled data, thus removing the restriction on the data usage. While using WiFi, you can easily connect your smartphone to the Internet without using the cellular data. This means you will no longer need to use surplus data over a mobile network.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose a mobile plan that does not include data and use the WiFi network for your Internet requirements. This can save you a lot of money by reducing your phone bills considerably.

Improved Speed

Usually, WiFi bandwidth is relatively faster than the cellular network. This difference may not be very obvious when you are checking emails. However, it becomes evident when you are transferring files of large sizes. It is also quite noticeable while streaming audio or video or even while browsing. Performing the same action on a cellular network may take a lot of time and may restrict you regarding data usage.

Long Battery Life

Since connecting to the WiFi hotspot requires you to be closer to the transmitter, it reduces the load on your smartphone. This increases the efficiency of your phone thus allowing it to work for longer hours without requiring you to charge the battery frequently.

Downloading heavy files, streaming media, browsing etc. usually, drains the battery of your phone. The same action can be completed more quickly on a WiFi network, thus reducing the drain on the battery of your smartphone. Connecting to the Internet with the help of WiFi uses up less battery life than connecting to the cellular network. This is especially true in situations where the cellular coverage fluctuates.


WiFi is provided as an added amenity at hotels, airports, restaurants etc. Even in-flight WiFi has turned out to be quite popular. You can easily connect to these networks and access the Internet free of cost in most cases. This provides you the benefit of staying connected at all times. Additionally, the features provided by smartphones enable you to complete multiple tasks easily. For example, you can complete your business tasks with the help of the certain mobile application. With the WiFi facility available, you will hardly need to carry other devices with you while traveling.

With WiFi hotspots available almost everywhere, it has become one of the preferred ways to connect to

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Steven Scheck is the Principal of Inspire WiFi, the nationwide leader of multifamily wifi and healthcare wifi. When he isn't bringing Wi-Fi to the masses, he enjoys spending time and traveling with his wife and 4 kids and occasionally gets in a round of golf. He is also very involved in philanthropic causes in Miami and nationally.

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