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5 Answers to Why Signage Visibility Affects Your Business

The question is, does the visual presentation of your signage affect the way your customers perceive your business? Stated here are the answers that you want to know.

In choosing a sign design, there are two things you should consider: font size and font style. When you’re considering the style and fonts of letters, you should first understand if who your target audience is. The font design of your signage can attract or push back the customers since it can affect both availability and usability of your business.

The question is, does the visual presentation of your signage affect the way your customers perceive your business? Listed below are the answers that you want to know.

Gain attention from consumers

As mentioned, the overall look of your signage impacts how the consumers would perceive it. It could mislead your consumers if you will use the wrong font design for your advertising signs. There are certain typefaces for a particular usage that you need to know.

The font size is important. For example, if your store is located in a place where few people have been to, make sure that the signage is much bigger and is brighter during the night. You may able to attract the attention of the consumers once you have leveled up the visual impact of your signage.

There are typefaces that upon looking at it, you would already guess if what brand it represents. The visual communication is important when it comes to advertising, that’s why choosing the right font for your business is a process.

People base on the sign

According to the study commissioned by FedEx Office that was released last May 2012,  8 in 10 or a total of 76% Americans said that they enter the stores they had never been to based on their signages.

In the said survey, 68% or more than two-thirds of consumers conceived that the quality of the products and services of a business reflect on their signs. It was also found out that poor signages could prevent the consumer from entering a store. 52% of the American consumers say that poorly-made signs discourage them from going inside the shop.

The signage of your business can be the reason why people would love or hate to visit your store. It’s one of the things that consumers consider before entering establishments. A good business display increases the brand exposure of your company that’s why this process shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Differentiate you from the competitors

It’s okay to get some motivation from your competitors but imitating them is another topic. If they have been an established business, been there for decades and you seem to re-create their signage, what do you think will the impression of the people be?

Consumers might think that you’re copying your rival and this will give your business a bad impression. Stealing other people’s creativity can also get you into trouble. This will not just ruin your reputation but also your business, too.

When you have your own typeface, you’re also closer to establishing your own branding. Keep on revamping your signages until people would get interested in it. Popular brands have gone through series of design changes until they settled for a design that became their identity. This is how you would differentiate your business from your competitors, not by copying them.

Helps promote your business in creative ways

Aside from the classic form of creating an outdoor signage, there are still other styles that you could consider to make your business stand out from the others. It can be very stressful to choose an exterior business signage that could help promote your business. Here are some of creative ways:

  • A-Frame Signs – This is the cheapest among the other signages. You can customize it by inputting the directions that you wanted your customers to follow since it can be noticed easily most especially if you’re on the street.
  • Back-Lit Signs – The signage that is much pricier than the A-frame. If you will use this, you no longer need to worry about the fear of not having too much light to make it visible at night.
  • Vacuum formed plastic Signs– It is said to be the better correct choice for outdoor signage if you’re looking for a low cost but with a high level of visibility for your consumers.
  • Stainless Steel Signs – It has a LED that is already built at the back of each letter. It’s considered as the classy one and is normally found in hotels.
  • Electronic Signs – If you’re looking for a signage that could easily catch the customer’s attention but you have enough money to buy it, you may consider this one.

Aside from these five that were mentioned, there are still other signages that you could choose from. There are Pole signs, Monument signs, Awnings, Blade signs, Window graphics, and Pylon signs. But, it doesn’t here; you should also make yourself familiar of the right height and length of the letters in the concept of your business.

Serves as visual communicator

You may not be aware of it but typography can be vital to the world of advertising. Business owners should know that in order to create an impact, they should use it in an effective way. As mentioned, a good signage is the first thing that customers see and using typography can help your signage communicate to the people.

You might ask, what exactly is typography? It is the study of how humans read and in technical aspects, it is the style and appearance of the written words. It’s about how would you place each letter to make it look compatible with each other. It’s about the arrangement of the words, together with the font size and style to grab the attention of other people.

If the letters on your signage are not in order, it would give an impression that your store is as messy as the outdoor design of your business establishment.

Even if the things that you sell are being sold at the lowest price, if people don’t like the design of your signage, they will easily deter themselves from entering your store. Always remember to match the typeface to make the layout look balanced even though the letters are not even in the same sizes.

In planning the attractive sign for your business, typography and communication are two of the important things that you need to pay attention to. The signage that you will put up will be the identity of your business. Make it creative and unique so that it will stand out against your competitors.

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Donna Estrada is a managing editor for Urban Houses and editor for Scoopfed. She is a Persuasive Communication enthusiast and loves to venture into Business and Advertising, and she contributes for Aviv Movers.

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