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4 Ways Your Family Can Save Every Penny During Quarantine

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No matter what kind of crisis you are presented with, you and your family do not have to lose your money. You can do this even during a quarantine.

If you are trying to figure out how to do this, you should continue reading.

Here for you are four ways your family can save every penny during a quarantine.

1. Don’t Panic

Do not panic. Not only will you lose focus on your priorities, but your family will feel your stress, too. Why add family stress to the picture, while simultaneously hoping not to have a financial meltdown? Panicking is hardly ever conducive to solutions. Why would that change during a quarantine?

You have all kinds of added new responsibilities, of course. And you need to be able to have all of those duties in order. Do not forget that you will need to be more detailed and thorough. You also need to understand any opportunity to venture out must be organized. This is especially important when you are shopping in your local community. You also should apply that same focus to any online shopping and when looking for ways to cut expenses.

2. Keep a Shopping List

Let your entire family participate in this. The last thing you want is for someone in your family to feel left out. You all are already isolated enough as it is. This also is an excellent opportunity for you to teach any kids you have about money management. You also can help them become more resourceful in the future and learn more about the value of cooperation.

Do your research and know for certain what the must-haves on your shopping list should be. Make sure that you, of course, budget in some unnecessary expenses. If there is a new cereal out, you can still grab that. And if you do see sales on anything you normally use, you can still purchase those goods. Just make sure that you are not-overthinking what you need.

3. Eliminate Unnecessary Expenses

Not only will you be able to better ensure frugality, but you also will help businesses stay afloat. You can help both local and online businesses. And why would you not want to shop from both types of retailers? You obviously open up more ways to save your pennies. And you always should be on the lookout for ways to save, not just during a quarantine.

But it is not just when you are shopping where you can be on the lookout for ways to cut expenses. You should eliminate unnecessary expenses anywhere you can. And if you found you have some extra time on your hands, you have the opportunity to focus more and determine what options you have to improve your financial picture now and in the future, too. Look at bank fee refunds you can snag, overdrafts you can prevent, and any other ways you can save more money with your financial institutions.

4. Diversify Your Shopping

You can save more pennies when you diversify your shopping. Look for ways to support your small mom and pop shops. Look for ways to make the most of shopping with your larger retailers, too. You might still be able to patronize your area businesses, like restaurants. You can call and ask them if they have any specials and order take-out. They would appreciate your love. Laws in place relating to where you can and cannot go change depending on local jurisdiction. Be sure to know your current local laws.

And if you have not ever been someone that saves and uses coupons, you could start doing this now. Any children you have will likely enjoy helping you with this. You should ask. Even if they don’t want to sit with scissors and cut them out of your newspapers or advertisers, you could award them more social media time for finding you some coupons online.

You’ve Got This

You and your family are going to be okay. Your finances are going to be okay, too. And while you could look at other ideas out there, the four proven strategies above are sure to help you. You can save, while not going without, and you can ensure any nests you have are protected.

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Katie earned a BA in English from WWU and loves to write. She also adores hiking in redwood forests and photography. She feels happiest around a campfire surrounded by friends and family.

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