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4 Things You Can Do to Have a Safe Independence Day this Year

Independence Day is approaching fast. Here’s what you can do to celebrate this occasion safely at your home.

Independence Day is just around the corner and you can certainly be feeling the sparks of excitement in your mind. However, things will be a bit different this year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

There may be some activities you might not be able to enjoy while some plans may hang in balance. But that does not mean that it’s going to be a strike of boredom as this exciting summer holiday can be celebrated with a dull soul.

Everybody waits the entire year for this day and so finally it’s about to arrive. So, let’s do a little digging into the possibilities of plans we can have during the COVID-19 pandemic. So, stay safe and follow the ideas:

Amazing Ideas for Indoor Activities

Last year, around 86% of Americans shopped on Independence Day. However, this year the holiday will differ due to the ongoing pandemic. As you know it’s safest to stay inside your home and to be close to only your family members, here are some great ideas that will help you in making a blast on the 4th of July.

The Backyard Movie Night

You can decorate your backyard with a bit of creativity for the day. Throw away the junk and clean your backyard properly. Install some cushions, a soft rug, some cozy pillows to add more comfort. Install the projector at the right spot, preferably under some shed. You can put the cherry lights everywhere around the backyard to add a decorative touch. Browse the favorite movie of your family and enjoy it with some popcorns, snacks, and drinks.

Try Camping With Your Family

You can plan to go camping if you have fields near your town with your family or at least set it up in your backyard. It’s safe to stay in an open space if there are not many people around. And staying close to nature is always beneficial for one’s health. Therefore, plan out a camping trip with your family and pack the necessary stuff. Do not forget to keep facemask, gloves, and sensitizers just for added safety. If you feel unsure to step out of your house, you can plan a camping night in your backyard as well. Call your parents and ask them to get their favorite PJs on and have a snuggling night under the starry sky with you.

A Fulfilled Game Night

You know it’s always exciting to give a beat to your dad in a tough chess match so why not plan it on this Independence Day? When you know you all have to stick together inside your house, better plan some indoor games to add more spark to the day. You can set small rewards or dares if one wins or fails respectively. It will double the fun of seeing your sibling jumping around in their bungees as you beat them.

Yummiest Recipes to Try On This Independence Day

Let’s add more love to the big day with some delicious and easy-to-prepare recipes for your kids and family.

Beef and Mushroom Burgers

You can make grilled beef burgers stuffed with fresh vegetables, hot sauces, and lightly embellished with olives and mushrooms.

Grilled Leek Potato Salad

Salads are the simplest and most lovable dish on the table. You can experiment with many different ingredients. The grilled leek potato salad will help you enhance the nutritional intake of your family.

Exotic Steaks

Your family will not stop to gobble the yummy and exotic steaks and it will definitely bring exciting joy to their faces. So, prepare some hot and sizzling steaks for your loved one and keep the spices low, as one should stay alert of all the precautions to take during the pandemic.

Delicious Smoothies and Shakes to Try On 4th July

Give a beat to the summer heat and double the fun of the day with some healthy, nutritional, and vitamin-rich drinks, shakes, and smoothies. Here are some interesting recipes you should try on this Independence Day.

Berry Mango Kale Smoothie

Berry mango kale smoothie is the yummiest recipe your family will slurp till the very last drop. It’s loaded with berries, chia seeds, chopped spinach, and frozen ice cream. This combo will give a true blast of nutrients to your loved one.

Wild Blueberry Zucchini Smoothie

It’s naturally sweet and full of iron and proteins. This is the perfect antioxidant for your family. You can team up with your kids to prepare this amazing smoothie as well. All you need is frozen zucchini, butter, berries, and ice cubes to grind properly with a spoon full of sugar.

Blueberry Cauliflower Smoothie

You may feel that it might not taste amazing, but let this smoothie surprises you. The exotic summer drink comes with a burst of rich nutrients and gives you a bolt of energy. All you need is berries, peanut butter, clementine, and cauliflower all blended with a dollop of yogurt. You need to serve it with ice cubes topping it with fresh berries.

Movies to Watch on Fourth of July

Whether you want to teach your kids some history or reignite your patriotism with some cinema, there are plenty of movies that will do the job. Of course, the number of movies that celebrate red, white, and blue is endless. So to make it easier, the below list will be kept short and sweet.


Lin Manuel Miranda’s Broadway hit will come to American screens a day before the holiday on July 3. The film version of the popular musical will stream on Disney+ on Independence Day weekend when Americans will celebrate their freedom.

National Treasure

There are not many moments that are more iconic in modern cinema than Nicolas Cage stealing the Declaration of Independence. Although one has to suspend their disbelief to watch these hilarious adventures, the whole ride is fun and surprisingly educational.

Independence Day

Everything seems just right about watching Independence Day on Independence Day. This timeless classic will breathe life into your patriotic soul as you find yourself rooting for America to overcome an alien invasion.

Wrap Up

Desperate times call for desperate but smart moves. You know you will not be able to take your kids out to any amusement or recreational park nor will you be able to attend any patriotic event. But you can plan exciting activities in your home. You can still do a lot to enjoy the day while staying safe. So, be creative and turn this holiday into a burst of happiness and joyfulness for your loved one. Team up with your kids and indulge them in different activities.

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