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4 Must-Have Security System Features for Your Small Business

Without an adequate security system, your small business is at risk of losing your hard-earned income to thieves. Nearly 1 in 10 businesses annually experience commercial burglary or theft, at an average cost of $8,000, according to insurance provider Insureon.

Costly theft incidents can often be prevented by investing in a solid security system. Here are four essentials to look for when choosing the best security system for your business.

1. Motion Sensors

A motion detector serves as the foundation for a business security system, alerting your monitoring center to the potential presence of an intruder and activating your surveillance camera system. Motion sensors come in a few main varieties.

Passive motion sensors typically detect the infrared energy emitted by heat sources, which include humans, but can also come from animals and inanimate factors such as weather conditions. These non-human heat sources can trigger false positives, making passive motion sensors alone less reliable than other methods.

Businesses tend to use active motion sensors, which come in several different forms. Some action motion systems detect when a light beam is crossed. Others use a form of radar that sends out microwave energy and can detect when an object enters the energy field, which disrupts the amount of energy reflected or the time it takes for energy to reflect.

Ultrasound can be used in a similar way. The best business motion detector systems are dual technology motion sensors that combine passive detection methods with one or more active detection methods, thereby reducing the risk of false positives.

2. Security Camera Systems

Motion sensors are most effective when included in a security camera system. Today’s best security camera systems use high-definition or 4K ultra HD resolution in order to capture small details, such as eye and hair color as well as license plate numbers, that can be critical for identifying suspects and vehicles.

Cutting-edge business security camera systems also employ advanced night vision to detect details in low-light conditions. Nocturnal cameras use LED bulbs to emit infrared light that can be detected by the camera lens but not by the naked eye, allowing images to be captured at night or in cloudy conditions.

3. Access Control Systems

Where motion sensors and security camera systems help you keep unwanted intruders out, access control systems help ensure only authorized personnel can enter your premises. Giving each employee and contractor a physical key isn’t always practical. Instead, it would be more prudent to give them a device that employs authorized PIN numbers or key cards for extra safeguards.

Advanced access control systems let you set permissions to restrict which locations employees can enter. You can revoke permissions when an employee leaves your company, as well as track who enters your premises and how along with detecting when someone is trying to enter a restricted area.

4. Physical Barriers

The best high-tech security systems will not protect your premises without strong physical barriers. Today’s strongest security doors are made of steel and come with features such as automatic locking and keypad access. The type of lock your door uses is also important.

Commercial door locks come in several different varieties. One of the most effective options for businesses is interchangeable core cylinders, which make it easy for you to change locks frequently and are particularly useful for multi-business locations like strip malls.

Window security is also critical. Windows can be reinforced through means such as tempered glass or plexiglass, locks, bars, roll-up security shutters and sensors that detect when a window has been broken.

Stay Protected with these Powerful Security Tools

Motion sensors, high-resolution and night vision security cameras, and access control systems represent some of today’s leading technology for securing your business. These high-tech tools should be reinforced by strong physical barriers for your doors and windows to ensure your premises stay protected.

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