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4 Influences Driving Security Software Trends

As more companies move their infrastructure to the cloud, governments take a keener interest in regulating digital transactions, and as the risk of security incidents rises with threats coming from multiple directions, the security software market is undergoing an unprecedented upheaval. Changing realities demand response with an agility that innovators like Svitla Systems software consultant company are increasingly bringing to the table. Software as a service (SaaS) solutions have finally reached maturity after more than a decade of development, and the security market must respond to all these challenges in order to provide effective solutions to modern demands. There are currently four important influences that are driving changes in the security software industry.

Look to the Cloud

Both individuals and enterprises are moving to cloud-based, as-a-service formats for all their software needs. The older licensing and delivery models are going by the wayside. SaaS programs, in general, are delivering the flexibility that digital business practices demand, and end users are increasingly showing a preference for SaaS security solutions. At the same time, much legacy software is still in use and security markets have to plan both for SaaS innovation that truly protects the digital space and for ongoing support for older products.

Smart Security Analytics

A security breach can have wide-ranging effects across multiple platforms, affecting enterprises as well as their consumers and clients. End users are looking for predictive technologies, which warn about security breaches before they even happen, and prescriptive technologies that give guidance on the right response to potential threats. While there are not many such products yet on the market, Gartner estimates that three-quarters of security products will have embedded analytics in just a year or two. Security software needs to leverage the power of increasingly complex analytics packages in order to predict and prescribe against security threats so that much of the prevention, and even response, can be automated.

Regulatory Realities

The world’s governments are showing an interest in protecting privacy and data Regulations are growing increasingly punitive, and compliance is becoming a serious financial issue driving an uptick in digital security budgets. This is driving a demand for even more effective and efficient security software, and smart software developers are identifying compliance issues and targeting products directly to provide security to these areas.

Stronger Together

As the security product market moves away from traditional models of software, smaller vendors and start-up companies are demonstrating amazing agility in response to security threats and changing digital and technological realities. However, more is needed than simply excellent technological development focused on threats. Security must also be responsive to the needs of business innovation, as well as to what is available in terms of new technology. This reality is causing mature vendors within the space to look to acquisitions and mergers as an important strategy for improvement, by acquiring the agility and innovation provided by smaller developers.


We have never seen a period of such rapid change when it comes to software security. A number of factors are driving these changes, and some of them are happening even more quickly than predicted. It remains to be seen how well the security software industry will respond, but organization transformation, technological development, and an eye to compliance regulation changes will be necessary to successfully meet today’s challenges.

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