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4 Features Your Shopping Cart Should Have from the Start

When you’re designing your online shopping cart, there are some features you know it should have. People should be able to pay with credit or debit cards, or PayPal, or whatever makes it easier for them to give you their money. And customers should be able to check shipping costs. These are the basics of what a customer should be able to do. But there are other advanced features you absolutely, positively need to include when you’re setting up your online cart.

Save Time with Express Checkout or Facebook Connect

People these days have a lot of accounts on a lot of different sites. They don’t remember them all, and they have their spam filters set up to zoom promotional emails right into the dumpster. While offering a customer loyalty program does get you some business, you should weigh that against the business you’re going to lose (or effort you’re going to waste), reaching customers who don’t want to be reached. When you’re using shopping cart creator, look for ways you can simplify the checkout process, and get customers all the way through their purchase. This leads to less shopping cart abandonment and more money in your wallet.

Cart Abandonment Recovery Is A Must

Cart abandonment is one of the most frustrating problems on the Internet. People shop, they put everything into their online shopping cart, and then, just before they buy everything, they stop. They vanish into the ether, and you don’t know what changed their minds. While shorter checkouts mean fewer abandoned carts, the best way to get these customers back is through automated cart abandonment recovery. Believe it or not, 75 percent of customers who abandon their shopping carts do so with the intent to buy, according to That means they really do want your products, but they’re not willing to part with their money up front. They might need more time, they might want to comparison shop, or they just need a little push in the right direction.

Set up automatic cart recovery easily by sending the customers an email about twelve hours after their carts are abandoned. This gentle reminder, perhaps accompanied by a slight discount, could be all your customers need to return to you; thus saving you money. Rather than waiting months and losing out on all kinds of sales, include this feature right from the start with your shopping cart creator.

Have A Wish List Option

People don’t like removing things from their carts. If they can’t afford the entire purchase, they might just back out “until they can”, which could well be never. You should always have an easy option to slide items back and forth from a wish list to their current purchase list. Customers who can happily organize their current and future purchases in a way that makes sense to them have a much higher conversion rate, according to This also sets up the idea that they will be returning to your online store: something you definitely want to encourage whenever possible.

One of the first things you need to do when setting up your shopping cart creator is to work out how to get your shop a search bar. Tagging your inventory with a few keywords will enable customers to zoom around your site with ease. They can comparison shop for “shirts” or “dresses” without having to sort through your more artful category arrangements. And they can see what you have to offer quickly and easily. The search function also limits the number of items displayed per page making it easier for mobile users to enjoy your site.

Keep these four tips in mind when you’re creating your online shopping cart, and you’ll have an instantly higher conversion rate compared to shop owners who wait months to implement these advanced tips.

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1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Erica Miller

    March 1, 2014 at 7:22 pm

    For cart checkout the abandon rate and analyze the reason. Give some freebies. Offer free user manual. Increase user engagement, ask them their views if they exits from cart page. Create a database of the abandon user and offer them something they will love to buy through e-mail marketing. For potential buyers offer a discount coupon. Create social media campaign with discount coupon.

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