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4 Factors to Consider When Choosing Storage Rentals

Irrespective of whether you are leaving your home for a few months, or you have too much clutter in your home that you don’t use anymore, storage rentals can be extremely beneficial. However, renting out a storage unit is not about selecting a 20×20 space and dumping everything into it. A lot more is involved and many other factors must be considered. Every storage unit is different and not all of them will suit your needs.

Therefore, to help you out in the process of choosing the right storage rental for your needs here is a list of 4 things to consider:

  1. Items to store & storage rentals space

To determine the size of the storage space required, it is wise to take a stock of the items you want to de-clutter from your home and store in the storage unit. Storage spaces come in varied sizes ranging from small to large storage units, therefore getting the right storage unit is paramount. In addition to the current inventory of items, keep in mind any other items that you will acquire in the future and consider the space it would take too.

Once the inventory is taken and jotted in a list, try simulating the way you will store the items in a storage space in your backyard or living room. Pack all the items into boxes or other storage containers and arrange it in a way you would in a storage unit with heavier items below and lighter items above the stack. This will help you take exact measurements of width, length and height which in turn will help you get the perfect storage unit space.

  1. Term of storage 
Storage Rentals

Storage Rentals

The term or duration of storing your items in a storage unit will also determine the right size of the storage space that you will need. If it is for a short term, then you can cramp all items together. However, for a longer duration you must leave some additional free space for ventilation so that the items breathe and even create isle space to access each individual item easily.

  1. The right type of rental agreement 

Rental agreements in storage rentals can be yearly, semi-yearly or monthly. The right type of rental agreement for you depends on how long you want to store your belongings in the storage unit as well as your current financial situation. If it is for a short duration of time, then monthly rental agreements are the most suitable as they give you the freedom of terminating the agreement whenever you want. This is also good if you move around a lot for jobs or if you live in a rented place. However, if you are financially stable and not frequently on the move, yearly rental agreement with additional benefits is a wise choice. Additionally, do not go for the first storage unit you see. Take your time and compare the prices of multiple storage rentals to make an informed decision.

  1. Location matters 

Yes, Location does matter! When exploring storage rentals ensure that the location is ideal for you in terms of distance, and it has the right security measures and additional amenities to secure your belongings as well as maintained in good condition. The best storage unit will have video surveillance setup along with ample light in the area, high fences, and gates as well as cut proof locks. Ensure that the storage unit has been treated for pests to avoid any infestations with your items. And having the storage rental accessible can be helpful in case you need to pick up something urgently!

Consider these factors and many more, while you explore the best storage rentals for your needs and make a wise choice!

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