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4 Business Benefits of Going Paperless

Attentive business owners might often feel like Atlas, bearing the weight of their companies on their shoulders alone. They look constantly for means of improvement to balance that weight — increased ROI, better production, improved performance, etc. But one simple strategy that yields results is often overlooked in the post-pandemic world. For business leaders looking for effective solutions right now, here are four benefits your company can experience by going paperless.

1. Reduces Wasted Space and Waste

One of the most obvious benefits of digitizing your business documents is the elimination of clutter. No more mountains of loose sheets and envelopes atop work spaces threatening a paper avalanche. Gone is the labyrinth of tedious filing cabinets required to store volumes of documents. Without the need to save those documents, your business can allocate that space to better business use, or even downsize operational or office space for added savings.

Naturally, a paperless company also produces less waste. St. Charles County, Missouri, collected recylcing facts and data showing that even in this eco-friendly business climate, American businesses still use more than 20 million tons of paper a year, and not all is recycled, so digitizing documents means reducing your company’s overall waste ratio.

2. Optimizes Productivity

Going paperless enhances the productivity of both production and employee performance. On the production side, companies using digital production experience savings in time and money as storing, printing, copying, and disposal of the paper products can culminate to more than 30 percent of what it cost to buy the paper originally.

Paperless businesses also exhibit improved productivity by allowing employees shared digital access to files. Your staff won’t have to track down the one person, usually on lunch, who has the single copy of that needed document. All authorized individuals can be granted equal access and can share information virtually.

3. Allows for Remote Working

This leads to yet another benefit — the option for staff to work remotely. Without being tethered by tangible files, your employees can work from home, from abroad, on the road, anywhere! Going paperless elevates staff collaboration, especially when paired with other strategies like virtual meetings.

But even if you do not opt for remote working, allowing access to business papers digitally means that the employee who left work early for a doctor’s appointment and accidentally took his file with him doesn’t hold up operations.

4. Saves the World

Though going paperless may seem like an overrated or outdated strategy, by doing so, your company truly is saving the whole planet in a special kind of domino effect.

When you use less paper, more trees are spared, fewer chemicals are used and less water is needed in the process of paper-making. This also reduces pollution created by paper mills and minimizes the amount of paper that ends up rotting in massive landfills. That’s an effect on a global scale. Should that not earn you a cape?

Reap the Benefits

Heading a business or company is a heavy weight, but now is not the time to shrug. Throw on that cape. Go paperless and allow your business to minimize clutter and waste, optimize production and performance, and participate in actions that in turn save the world.



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