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3 Things to Consider for Productive Video Conferencing

Video conferencing is replacing face-to-face meetings to a large extent across businesses. People have realised its benefits and potential for the organisation, and use it to their advantage.

Video conferencing is replacing face-to-face meetings to a large extent across businesses. People have realised its benefits and potential for the organisation, and use it to their advantage. However, like any other technology, it needs to be harnessed in the right way to extract the best results. One part is, of course, the technology and one need to choose the right audio video technologies to enable a seamless collaboration. The other part is certainly the human operators. There are some important areas that any person on a video conference needs to take care of to ensure a pleasant, distraction-free and productive online meeting.

Usually, users of video conferencing technology do not give an online video collaboration the preparation and readiness that goes into a personal face-to-face meeting. While video conferencing provides many benefits, but a video collaboration needs an equal amount of preparation in technology and personal management.

The following are a few things that everybody should consider for a video conference to make you an expert in video conferencing.

Use a Headset

Audio plays an equally, if not more, important role viz-a-viz video. Crystal clear audio makes conversations make it easy for everyone on the call to understand each other and respond naturally. Choppy audio mars the effectiveness of a video conference turning it into a frustrating experience. Ensure your microphones, speakers, headsets, and other media systems are working fine and are in sync. Also check for the background noise, echo or any other audible distraction available in or outside the conference/huddle room.

It helps others when you use a headset on a call. It makes your voice clear and audible to other participants. Always remember to mute your microphone when you are not speaking to stop any unwanted background noise creeping into the multi-party conversation.

Lighting and Positioning

Lighting plays an important role here. Though everyone loves natural light and prefer to sit next to the window, it is advised not to attend a video call sitting next to bright natural light as it creates a silhouette effect and other people wouldn’t be able to see your face and expressions clearly.

It is preferable to set against a light colour wall and lower the shades on the window. The room should be adequately lit and there shouldn’t be any distractions on the walls facing the camera like any patterns or another screen.

Refrain from Multitasking

Though it is very tempting to check your messages, emails, etc. while the call is going on, one should strictly refrain from this indulgence. Always keep your eyes on the camera and appear very attentive. The body language should be checked for any signs of fatigue, disinterest, or restlessness like moving your body frequently, looking down or some other direction for a long time, etc. Other remote participants are quick to sense if you are not attentive and distracted which doesn’t pass on a good impression. One should be very mindful of video collaboration etiquettes.

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