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3 Exciting Technology Innovations That Are Tipped to Set the Industry On Fire in 2015

From Watches to Windows, Here’s What We’re Looking Forward to This Year

Technology is growing ever more useful and exciting, so what kind of exciting developments can we expect in 2015?

2014 has been a stellar year for technology, with many exciting developments unfolding across the twelve months. These included Samsung’s fantastic virtual reality headset and the advancement of 3D printing, which has the potential to save lives. Best of all, this is to name just two of hundreds of fantastic innovations. So as we say goodbye to a year that delivered and then some, what can we expect from 2015? Well, there’s plenty to get excited about! We’ve had a hard time whittling it down to just three – but here are our predictions for which 2015 innovations are going to change the industry for the better.

1. Windows 10

Oh, Windows. There have been many ups and downs with the nation’s most popular operating system. 2012 saw the release of Windows 8 to much fanfare, only it didn’t quite…deliver. Users were frustrated with the hard to use interface, so Microsoft have been hard at work on Windows 10. Due for release in late 2015, its features include the return of the Start Menu, a virtual desktop system and the ability to run Windows apps within windows on the desktop as well as in full-screen mode. Whether it’s good or bad, we’re all going to be talking about it next year.

2. Apple Watch

We’ve heard a lot about wearable technology in 2014 but 2015 could be the year that it really takes off. So far, American consumers have been far more receptive to the likes of smart watches and glasses than Europeans – so companies are doing all that they can to change that. Apple announced the release of their watch alongside the iPhone 6, so we can expect to arrive in the spring. Messages, emails and social networking notifications will be delivered to your watch so that you don’t even have to get your phone out of your pocket. If that’s not innovative, we don’t know what is.

3. Apple Pay

Like wearable technology, mobile payment is something that has generated a lot of buzz over the last few months. With the introduction of Apple Pay due in 2015, that buzz could become reality. Apple Pay will give users the ability to store credit card information on iPhones which can then be tapped (much like an Oyster card) to pay. Identification will then be verified by a fingerprint scanner. Consumers have been hesitant to trust mobile phones as a secure method of payment, so a huge brand like Apple entering the market will boost mobile payment’s credibility hugely.

2015’s looking pretty good

So there you have it, three of the biggest technology game changers coming in 2015. There are other amazing innovations due for launch in the coming year – but these three look set to make the biggest impression on the market. Apple continues to dominate tech innovation but there’s plenty of new kids on the block, so they’ll have to pull out all the stops in the coming year. Only time will tell whether these three pioneering technological creations will be a success – but we’re willing to bet that they’re going to exceed all of our expectations.

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Damian Coates is the Commercial Accounts Director for London's leading IT Support companies - Utilize.

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