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3 Easy Ways For Fast & Efficient Communication In A Multi-Tenant Building

multitenant building

Apartments and Multi-tenant establishments serve to house several individuals, their families and of course their belongings in single floor homes with sufficient amount of room to provide the perfect accommodation. The flexibility that multi-tenant buildings provide is granting individuals access to sufficient space in a single floor household. The advantage that tenants will have adopting this lifestyle is that it will help them live their lives with considerable savings compared to that when purchasing a two story home and it will help them acquaint themselves with their occupants as well.

Why Are Occupants Unable To Communicate With Each Other Even Though They Live In The Same Building?

Due to overwhelming work hours, existing chores and the extra responsibilities of taking care of the family and spouse, communicating with the remaining occupants becomes increasingly difficult because of the lack of time. In addition, some individuals are socially inept when it comes to communicating with people thanks to a plethora of reasons, which can range from lack of confidence, to a variety of other reasons. Maintaining communication with occupants is extremely helpful because each of these individuals possess knowledge that will make life simpler for each other and the only way to that each individual can edify the other is through healthy communication. Listed below are 3 easy ways to communicate with your occupants efficiently and effectively.

1: Communicate The Old Fashion Way

Be it an old neighbor or newly settled individual, the first step to communicate with the individual is to make that person feel welcomed in the establishment. Friendly gestures such as a smile and a handshake with a soft grip will always make the person and his/her family feel ‘€˜right at home’€™. For some people though; due to overwhelming tasks of work, chores and finding time for family, it becomes an ordeal to maintain a uniform flow of communication with the occupants. Fortunately for you, there are other expedient ways of maintaining a healthy flow of communication with the occupants. Let us look at the others ways.

2: Using E-mail As A Medium For Communication

The age of technology has severely alleviated the traditional way of communicating ‘face to face’ with individuals. Email is one such expedient solution of maintaining communicating with the remaining tenants. For some people though, there are several drawbacks of using email as well. One will be that although email has provided users with a lot of flexibility when it comes of communication, the problem arises due to lack of time once more. Where one individual might have copious amounts of time on his/her hand, the other individual will not necessarily be blessed with the same gift. The person sending the email might be sent days before the recipient actually views the mail, which will no doubt nullify the point of having a potential conversation. Are there other ways of maintaining communication without the need of hurdles jumping in your way? Certainly!

3: Using Social Networking Apps

Social networking apps allow friends, families and their loved ones to communicate with each other; even those they live miles apart. All the occupants have to do is to make their social networking accounts and start adding the remaining occupants to their social circles. This will be a very helpful tool, if not for one critical difference. Individuals living in the building will no doubt have their own circle of friends that do NOT LIVE IN CLOSE proximity with each other. Naturally, after a leave of absence from the social networking app and resuming once more, the two individuals would love to converse with each other, and narrate their personal anecdotes. With all the time wasted in spawning up adventure stories to tell to each other, insufficient time remains in making an effort to converse with the person living in the building, who is no doubt busy in exchanging his / her stories with their geographically distant friends. With all the options kicked out, what else can the people do to start communicating with each other? We have an answer for that too.

Answer: Dedicated Apps For Communication In Tenant Buildings

Why use traditional methods, email or even social networking applications to communicate with the occupants when you have other dedicated apps that will cater to the same function. Several apps, such as Hive Network focus on providing individuals living in multi-tenant buildings to effectively communicate with each other through the use of quick mails, discussion groups and other facilities which will augment the communication process of people living in this particular condition. No longer shall individuals be confined to keep to themselves when living in a multi-tenant building, not when they have access to such apps. They are inviting contestants to be a part of their beta version.

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