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3 Browsing Apps like Opera Mini

If you’re someone who wants more browser options than Chrome and Edge, then you’re at the right place. Opera Mini is a free phone browsing app that provides a compression algorithm for browsing data and enhanced performance, allowing you to browse the web even when your connection is slow. You can also use Opera Mini for PC using an emulator or the direct app from the Microsoft store. This app is intended for consumers who would like to save data while surfing the web securely and quickly. It’s usable in over 90 languages and has an appealing set of capabilities for networking sites, news discovery, and saving your preferred content to your smartphone.

However, there are other browsing apps available like Opera Mini that you need to check out. Here, in this article, we’ll list three browsing apps like Opera Mini that you can use.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is a browser app like Opera Mini available for Android, Windows, and iOS devices. The system involves a slew of features geared toward security, usability, and a smooth web surfing experience. The browser is quick and has a variety of privacy settings. This alternative is faster and has more features, such as speedier downloads, several plugins, multiple add-ons, bookmark setups, and so on.


Brave Browser continues to work to provide its users with a seamless browsing interaction by preventing advertisements from displaying. It is essentially a web browser with its own ad blocker. The lack of advertisements makes users’ browsing faster because content loads faster. But apart from that, Brave Browser prioritizes and values the privacy of users by ensuring that the visited websites cannot use any personal information, such as passwords, usernames, or any other personal information against you.

Tor Browser

Tor Browser is among the safest mobile browsers available. The software concentrates on various safety and confidentiality features, allowing you to browse the internet anonymously. When you are using the Tor network to browse websites, the app disconnects each site visit to prevent third-party tracking systems and advertising companies from tracking you. Furthermore, the tool helps clear cookies after each session. Tor Browser download allows you to remain anonymous while surfing the web. You can easily gain access to exclusive websites, surf the web anonymously, and eliminate third-party tracking cookies.


There are so many browser apps available in the app store. While some you may know about, most you wouldn’t. So, go through our options given in this article, and choose one that suits your needs best. Happy Browsing!

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