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14 Unique Home Design Ideas You Should Try

Thinking of different ways to bring out the best in your condo? Well, say no more! This new year, you will not run out of ideas on how to keep your place amazing and awesome. Makeovers do not need to be really that grand and expensive; one just needs to be more creative and resourceful.

Browse through the list below and see if one or two, or more of the following would fit in your condo or a different property. Get your imagination and self-ready for these excellent home design ideas:

Bookshelf or storage staircase: Wherever you are residing – be it in a two-story house or condo, you are in a limited space. Making the most of what you have mainly the stairs or staircase is a good move. Instead of having it as dull and boring, transform it into a bookshelf or storage. Just make sure that you keep it clean!

Comfy sand under your table or bed: If you are always in need of vitamin sea and ocean supplement, you might want to have some sand under your work table or bed. You might think that it is okay to put some beach sand outside your CR but think of the water droplets and the mess that it will make.

A convertible door to ping pong table: Sports lover mainly of ping pong? Why not have your door designed to be a ping pong table! This is probably one of the easiest design or home hacks you can do on your own.

Customized aquarium bed: The place to sleep is one of our safe spaces and comfort zones. If you want to add more chill and relaxing vibes to your bedroom, you should have your headboard (above it) customized as an aquarium. Wouldn’t you want to sleep and wake up in the morning surrounded or at least near to your beloved water creatures? Besides, the aquarium light is a good lamp at night.

Designed chandelier: Out with the plain chandelier, in with the designed ones. There are tons of different styles that pumps up your room. There is one that transforms your room into a forest if you leave the designed chandelier on alone.  You can have one customized from a reputable home designer in your town.

Hammock style bed: If your property  appears to be huge, you are lucky then! You can probably place a hammock somewhere. Find a sturdy column, pillar or spot where you can hang your hammock. Others opt to have theirs over the stairs. It might be dangerous if you won’t secure the tightness of your material so make sure that you’ve done it well.

Hanging table and chairs set: Make your place extra comfy and homey by having your table and chairs set hanging. You may not have them swinging all the time like what you see in the park, but it gives more space for your guests’ movement. You may look up in the Internet different designs about this stylized furniture.

Herb-garden or indoor plants: If you are thinking of being more resourceful and closer to nature, having a small garden inside your place is a good choice. You can start with having a couple of herbs around your sink or surrounding your kitchen. Putting some indoor plants also help your room to be more vibrant as greens are very appealing to the eyes.

Indoor-outdoor pool: Given enough space and resources, you may want to consider having a linked pool inside and outside of your place. Again, just make sure that you are a tidy person and have time to clean your house, including your pool. If left dirty, you’re supposed to be attraction pool will make your house filthy, and we do not want that to happen!

Multi-purpose dining table: Aside from a convertible door, you can also have your dining table a multi-purpose one. One suggestion could be making it a billiard pool. The rest is up to your need and imagination.

See-through bathtub: Tiles and cement are good, of course, but if you want to step up your game, why not have your bathtub see-through? Invest in quality glass and voila! Your bath time would probably not the same anymore.

Small fire pit on your table: This may not be the best idea especially if you have a smoke-detector inside your unit or your location is very hot. But in case that your situation is neither, having a fire pit on your table is great. Maybe you can roast some marshmallows there while watching your favorite show.

Staircase with a slide: Again, depending on what you have, another nice idea is fusing stairs and slide. It looks best when it’s spiral since you do not want to scare people with a dead straight slide, right. Besides, it is not safe too.

Treehouse styled bedroom: If your unit or room has a high ceiling allowance, you can consider having your bed designed as a treehouse. It adds up some adventurous vibes in your place. Just carefully plan and think about it if it is practical for you to climb a couple of steps when you are dizzy or tipsy.

These suggestions will not just work with your Rockwell condo. You can also suggest this to your relatives or friends who are looking for some crazy yet beautiful home ideas. Let us know if you have anything else to add to our list.

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Janice Jaramillo is a twenty something who loves to write various topics . She likes to travel around the world to meet new people and gain new experiences.



  1. Lex Reyes

    May 31, 2018 at 8:01 am

    Awesome idea! are those ceramic tiles that you used?

  2. emily

    December 1, 2020 at 5:01 pm

    Thanks for sharing this great post and ideas and looking forward to more.

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