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12 Top Hairstyles for Women over 40

Tried And True Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Getting hairstyles for women over 40 is not a hard thing. That is the reason why many ladies experiment with a variety of hairstyles over the years. They are easy to get, and most of them are flattering on different occasions and environments.

There are also many age appropriate hairstyles and getting them is also not hard. These hairstyles too exude style, beauty, and fun. To get a better perception of what we are talking about, see these top hairstyles for women over 40. They are effortless to maintain and flattering for most skin tones and hair types.

1. Classic Career Bun.

Every lady with long hair or shoulder-length hair should master the art of creating a bun faster. This soft and straightforward bun is created in minutes using a hair elastic rubber band.

If you have a lot of hair or it simply lays right, you will be able to achieve an elegant bun using an elastic band.

2. Shoulder Length Razor Bob.

This bob haircut truly appears stunning on women over 40. The side swept fringe gives this look a mysterious appeal. The razored tips and the layers enhance the volume of this style.

3. Copper Accents Long Cut.

This is among the fantastic hairstyle for women over 40. It demonstrates what a great style we can rock when you think outside the box especially when it comes to highlights.

The copper accents on this side-swept bangs give your face a unique look.

4. Curly Blonde Bob.

Beautifully-defined golden curls characterise this blonde bob. At a glance, you will see that the curls are blonde. However, when you pay close attention to it, you will notice some beautiful lowlights which are incorporated for a multi-faced appearance.

5. Dark Taper Cut.

Though many hairstyles for women over 40 incorporate lighter colours, dark hair can be a great inclusion in your hair. For instance, this beautifully tapered pixie haircut gives the best framing of the face you will love.

6. Strawberry Tips.

The dual-colour look is on-trend right now. If you are in love with this look, but you want to maintain it lighter, then you should opt for a hue that is a colour found in nature or any other hue that doesn’t glow or pop out so much such as pastel colour.

7. The Heather.

For many years, ladies have admired Heather’s beautiful blonde lob haircut. Beautifully placed layers and the bangs create this look. Going blonde is not the only way you can rock this look.

8. Ultimate Red Pixie Haircut.

When it comes to bold and hot hairstyle for women over 40, this one tops in our list. You will not think twice when you come across someone wearing it. The vampire red hue is the right colour selection for this look and gives life to a common tousled pixie haircut.

9. Elongated Blonde Balayage.

This is an ideal haircut for women who love having blonde colours. It is a less relaxed haircut for women over 40 looking to be stylish. The style is breached out and gives you the same impression. This elegant shade pattern brings together all the entire range of blondes you can find out there.

10. Long, Straight And Shiny.

If you have a sufficient length that is also easy to maintain, then you may want to consider a silky straight haircut. The style is quite straightforward when it comes to styling and allows you to experiment with different styles as many times you want.

11. Mid-Length Curls.

This style is characterised by volume and overwhelming beauty. Mid hair is the right length to opt for if you have curly hair you like but want your new style to be easily manageable and minimise weight on your head.

12. Red Hot Trimmed Layers.

This bold red shade gives the popular burgundy a tremendous and fun upgrade. This is immensely layered cut that will make you enjoy both worlds of short and long hair.

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