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11 Tips to Start Making Money Online

Having an extra source of income always helps. It can support your monthly budget, help you attain financial goals faster, and simply give you the funds to invest and grow further. The challenge, though, is how to find a way to earn those funds even with a hectic work schedule. 

For us, the best solution is to find a way to make money online. It allows you to work anywhere, even in the comforts of your own home, and anytime, even in the small pockets of time all throughout the day. In fact, there are even ways to earn passively, even as you sleep. 

These methods are what we are going to talk about in this article. Before we start, though, please take note that we will be dividing this article into multiple categories with the objective of making it easier for you to choose the online methods that will work best for you. Let’s get started!

Showcase Your Skills

Our first category involves ideas that revolve around showcasing your skills. After all, these are the businesses that require almost no capital at all, especially if you already have the equipment to do them. 


There are different ways to earn money as a photographer. However, since we are talking about ideas on how to start a business online, what we really recommend is to shoot stock photography instead. You’re not rushed. You can shoot your photos in your own time. And most of all, it’s an efficient passive income generator. 

You would only need to upload a photo once, and as long as it is downloadable in the stock marketplace that you have uploaded it to, it will keep earning money until you take it down yourself. The more photos you upload, the higher the profit.


Those who have a passion for teaching will find the internet as a profitable teaching platform. There are three ways to share your lessons. First, you can get a gig as an online teacher or tutor and teach any subject that you specialize in. Aside from that, you can also create online tutorials and webinars. Finally, you can always offer your services as a coach or consultant in order to share your expertise with the people who sorely need them.

Web Development

Do you know what online business owners need? Their own website. There’s huge profit potential in being a web developer. The catch, though, is that you’ll have a lot of competition, not to mention the abundance of free website builders with easy drag-and-drop tools that allow anyone to create their own website in just a few minutes.

Hence, you really have to step up your game. Create stunning and professional-looking websites, works that will be impossible to accomplish with those free builders, and outshine those of your competitors.

Create Quality Content

Speaking of websites, they are but online headquarters. They won’t really mean much if they don’t get visitors. That’s where quality content will come in handy. Help people create relevant and valuable content, and you’ll find yourself a worthwhile gig.


Write posts that people will look forward to. You can always write articles for other websites, but what we recommend is to create a blog of your own and use it to publish your own writing and even promote affiliate links.

These are links coming from other websites, online marketplaces, and retailers, usually to promote products and services. What’s great about these links is that as long as your posts that include them are published, and people keep clicking on them, making purchases, you’ll never stop getting commission-based profit.


Those who don’t like writing can film videos instead.  Uploading videos in video-sharing sites like Youtube will also allow you to earn through affiliate marketing. But more than that, you’ll also be able to earn money through the number of your subscribers, streams, ads shown, and products promoted.


But what if you have a story to tell but you don’t have the proper filming equipment? Then why not record podcasts instead? Podcasts are similar to talk shows, especially those that we enjoy in the airwaves. The only difference is that instead of having them available through an offline radio station, your shows will be streamed through online channels like Spotify and iTunes. 

Explore Your Creativity

Content creation is already a creative pursuit in itself, but there are certainly other ways to explore your creativity online and earn money in the process.

Narrate an Audiobook

If you have a passion for the theatrics, but you have yet to muster up the courage to show your face in front of an audience then why not narrate an audiobook instead? There’s a huge demand for voice talent. You can even create your own independent recordings of the classics. 

Publish Your Own Novel

However, who needs the classics if you can write a story of your own? You can go the traditional route and have your books handled by publishers. What we recommend, though, is to self-publish your books on your own through Amazon. 

It will allow you to earn per book purchased or downloaded, so the more books you have, the higher the chances of profit.

Do Simple Tasks

Finally, we stand by our belief that anyone can earn money online. Anyone. That’s why here are three simple tasks that you can do during your idle time, regardless of your inherent skills and talents.

Answer Surveys

Answering surveys are a piece of cake. There aren’t even wrong answers! Sure, survey companies might only pay you a couple of dollars for each survey completed but the good news is, it also only takes a couple of minutes to complete one. 

Transcribe and Encode

If you’d rather type something mindlessly, then there are a lot of transcription and encoding jobs online. These tasks usually involve converting scans and images into word files or listening to audio files and typing the spoken words down. However, they do take a lot of patience, especially later on, once you’ve found the tasks routinary.

Play Games

Finally, why should you waste your time typing stuff when you could play games instead? There are different ways in order to earn money by playing. The most popular method is live-streaming. It’s the process of filming your real-time gaming session so people can watch you play online through game streaming websites and services.

Aside from that, you can also generate income by being a beta-tester, writing game tutorials and walk-throughs, and by competing in professional tournaments. 

To Sum Up

There are a lot of methods to earn decent money online. You can do so as a side-hustle or even decide to work from home full time. 

You’ll be surprised at how much skill-based products and services you can offer through the internet from stock photography to content creation. We also encourage you to utilize your creative spark. Not only do they bring joy to people, but they’re simply so fun to do that you won’t even feel that you’re working anymore!

Finally, those who haven’t found their groove yet will be pleased to learn that there are also ways to hustle by doing simple tasks. You can transcribe, encode, or even play games. Yes, the possibilities are endless so feel free to explore other earning methods beyond those that we have shared with you already. Good luck!

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Marcus Berkovitz is a financial analyst at In his current role he is responsible for analyzing financial data and creating financial models for decision support.

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