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10 Top Android Apps Worth Trying

Take a quick look at the Google Play Store and you’ll be overwhelmed by the sheer number of apps available. While some are definitely sketchy, others can help you get more out of your phone than you may have imagined. Here are 10 worth trying.

Viber Out

Viber Outis one of the most popular free messenger apps for a reason: It offers loads of exciting features including instant video chat, instant voice messaging, and group chats that let you talk to friends and family from all over. Viber is free to install and comes with tons of free features that transform the way you communicate. You can use the app to make cheap international calls, too.

Action Launcher

Hide folders behind attractive covers, use shutters to swipe shortcuts into app widgets, and customize your Google search bar so accessing favorite features is faster and easier than ever. Action Launcher offers a quick, easy way to customize your phone, and works with Android 4.1 and up.


It’s the next best thing to Google Maps! HERE WeGo Offline Maps & GPS works even when you don’t have an internet connection. If you drive or travel off the beaten path or are concerned about the amount of data you’re using, then you might find this app to be life-changing. Download the map you’d like to use, and then search view satellite imagery, or find your way around via turn-by-turn navigation.

Google Drive

Less exciting than some other apps, but essential for on-the-go productivity, Google Drive works in sync with Google Docs. Many newer Androids have Google Drive built in, and users appreciate its ability to sync up with other devices where they use Docs or Drive. Give it a try if you need to store anything – it keeps videos, documents, and photos safe in the cloud and at your fingertips on demand.

NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts

No matter where you are or what you’re up to, weather affects you. That’s why you need at least one solid weather app. To be fair, there are more than a few good ones out there; however serious weather watchers are likely to appreciate NOAA Weather Radar & Alerts for its accurate forecasting, real-time conditions, and interactive radar maps. You can get push notifications when alerts are issued, and you can customize the app to meet your needs.


Who doesn’t like a movie now and then? True, Netflix is meant for subscribers only, but once it’s installed, you can watch anything the service has to offer no matter where you are. Watch instantly or download for later, when you don’t have the best connection.


What do you want? What do you need? Wish helps you find the best price for whatever it is you’re looking for, whether that’s a new outfit or a cool fidget spinner for your favorite nephew. Hourly deals, promo codes, and a slide-to-pay checkout are just a few features. Don’t miss the Wish List feature, which lets you create as many lists as you like for different areas of your life.

ESPN Fantasy Sports

If you’re into fantasy football, basketball, hockey, or baseball, then you’re going to love ESPN Fantasy Sports, a free app that makes league play simply for everyone. You can customize the app to provide you with push notifications or just get weekly notices, plus you can view player rankings, create your own leagues, and more.

CNN Breaking US & World News

Keep your finger on the world’s pulse with this free app. CNN Breaking US & World News provides Live TV and video on demand to consumers located in the US, allowing them to check breaking news, view photo galleries, and more. Want to stay informed? Use this app to watch live CNN, CNNi, or HLN for 10 minutes free each day, or watch unlimited by logging in with paid subscription credentials from your satellite or cable provider.


Protect your passwords and apps, store sensitive photos securely, and browse without worry. DFNDR has achieved a top ranking as one of the best free antivirus apps available. It goes above and beyond by helping you keep your phone clean, and it provides a safe browsing environment as well as a WiFi checker that ensures connections are secure.

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