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10 Reasons Why You Should Try Windows Phone

Living in an era, where having cell phones are cheaper and more common than having food at homes, we are completely dependent on various applications designed and made available to us on our mobile phones. Gone are the days when mobile phones were the devices used for calling and receiving calls. These days, people use such phones for various purposes.

Those who don’t or can’t receive calls can be contacted through free messages, those who wish to work out can listen to music on their handy phones, those who wish to meditate can use different applications that guide them to activate and enlighten the seven chakras in their bodies and so on. Regardless of mobile prices these days, almost every one owns one or two handsets.

windows phone

Talking of cell phones, although most of the people prefer android ones as their price range varies from low to high, there are a lot of people from the group who never shifted from their windows phones since they are so much used to and in love with their windows phone.

If you are wondering what a Windows phone is, it is nothing but a smartphone operating system that has been developed by Microsoft. Since Windows were designed, created, developed and introduced into the market by Microsoft, it can be understood that the company packs all the Windows applications and brings them all into its cell phone. If you want to know why people love Window phones and have yet not replaced their phones with the android ones, we are here to enlighten you with the following top ten reasons for the same:

1) Tailored version of Microsoft Office – Generally, if you need Microsoft Office on your android phone, you need to download the same from your store and most of the times you might even have to pay for the same. However, if you have a Windows phone, you don’t need to buy the package for yourself since it is pre-installed that is specially designed for the phone.

2) Big name in the market – No matter which phone is introduced in the market, can it ever beat the reputation of Microsoft? It is always good to have a reputed company’s phone in your hand to create the right impression on others.

3) Customizable or alterable screen – Although android using customers say that they have customizable screens too, they have no idea about what kind of alterations you are allowed to do with your screen. Apart from having your own wallpapers (including the feature to use Live wallpapers), you can easily drag and drop all those icons that you wish to have on your screen.

4) Allows you to edit your office documents – Have you ever faced a situation wherein you are desperate to edit your office documents but you are unable to do so since your laptop has given up on you? If yes, there’s good news for you about Windows phones that they allow you to edit your office documents from anywhere.

5) Easy to use – Although android is said to be the most used phone at present, there’s this one thing that people always complain about and that is the complications that they feel while scrolling or going through different applications on their phones. When you have Windows, you can forget the meaning of the word ‘complication’.

6) All applications on the main screen – You get to see all of the main applications on the main screen, without having it flooded with them, which generally happens with android phones.

7) Doesn’t ‘stuck’ as much as other phones – Ever experienced that sickening thing when your phone gets stuck in the middle of something important? Switch to Windows and you would never experience the same again.

8) Dipped in various colors – Right from the snapshot view to the different colorful pre-
installed wallpapers, a Windows phone allows you to be dipped into different colors. You have a splashy and colorful morning whenever you take your phone in your hand early in the morning.

9) Pretty affordable – While well equipped and branded android phones can cost you up to PKR 40,000 to PKR 45,000, you can get a branded Windows phone at the rate of PKR 10,000 to PKR 15,000 only.

10)Awesome sound – You don’t need detachable or separate speakers with your phone if you are planning to host a party; your Windows phone would do it all for you. It allows you to have an awesome sound experience.

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Ahmad is a Internet Marketing graduate and holds great passion in anything digital. He also loves to explore and write around gadgets and latest trends in the technology. He can often be found writing mobile phone reviews on his blog.

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