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10 Groundbreaking Technologies for 2018 According to MIT

The long-term effect and widespread impact of these breakthrough technologies will have important consequences that are not embraced by everyone. Ethical issues are being raised as the within-reach exciting technological advances will answer major development needs. Overcoming even moral barriers will ultimately find its solutions as well. Here is the MIT’s 2018 Review of the latest’s 10 most inspiring technological discoveries that are about to transform and improve our everyday living and working experience.

#1 Metal 3D Printing

3D plastic printing has become widely used in the past few years with important improvements in terms of design. The breakthrough of applying this technology to metal production opens endless opportunities that are recently becoming reality. The possibility to create complex metal structures at request will surely revolutionize this nowadays mass-production sector.

#2 Artificial Embryo Cells

Embryo-like cells have been created for the first time from stem material in an artificially controlled environment without the use of female eggs or sperm cells. The possibilities opened are important in understanding the preliminary conditions of creation and the developing process of life. Even though the unnatural process is raising ethical questions, this scientific instrument could open invaluable ways of treating a wide range of genetic conditions.

#3 Smart Cities

Technology is already a part of our lives and seems like the next step is integrating it in even more aspects of our living. The aim is to rethink cities as we know them today in the matter of urban design, functionality and environmentally sustainable development. All is possible using cutting-edge technology that assists’ our everyday life, helping us to develop more livable and affordable cities.

#4 Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cloud-Based Services

Major players such as Microsoft, Google, IBM and Amazon are continuously developing machine learning and AI systems. Increasing the access to unthinkable applications of many different industries as AI tools are becoming more affordable. Advanced services and easy to use cloud platforms will ease costs for businesses, starting with production systems and logistics.

#5 Competing Neural Networks

Looks like the future of Neural Networks is full of ‘imagination’ as the current work of the World’s key players is focused on creating ultra-realistic images and sounds enabling AI systems that are basically dueling with each other. Essentially, Neural Networks are being allowed to create computer-generated representations of things never seen or heard. In the opinion of some, an instrument that should be handled with caution.

#6 Instant translation ear-buds

Communication boundaries are due to be overcome by a futuristic gadget which allows humans to understand each other despite the language differences. Almost real-time online translation will allow people to carry out normal conversations without the need for third parties. Even though the technology itself has not been reported to be completely functional, other voice-activated online translation services are used right now on both computers and smartphones.

#7 Clean Gas Technologies

Taking serious measures on reducing greenhouse emissions as well as producing green electricity, new technologies are used. The capturing of the carbon emissions resulting from natural gas burning are used to create alternative clean energy. The industrial sector is a major player in sustaining the development of new engineering that makes possible generating electricity from sources that are readily accessible.

#8 Online Privacy Protection

Blockchain technology has already given us the digital currency but its applicability could be furthermore developed. One of them is protecting our privacy while making online transactions and it is not much in a fast expanding digital world. Fraud and identity theft are issues that could be easily contained by using Blockhain-based systems. Assuring safe privacy exposure for digital transactions will encourage a wider use of online information exchange.

#9 Genetic Predictions

Predictive technology has endless practical applications in the healthcare system. Being able to predict diseases or other genetic features simply by using genomic data is a promise that takes the public health system to the next evolving step. This genetic way of ‘fortune telling’ will increases our chances to evolve as species but will also open an ethical debate about another sort of discrimination.

#10 Quantum Computed Materials

Researchers from Harvard University have already created a complete quantum computed simulation of a beryllium hydride molecule. Using this technology, new improved or even miracle-materials or substances could be created. The use of these more efficient and precisely tailored computing creations is an invaluable instrument to develop more effective medicines or clean fuels.

Our life is changing every day, hour, or even second and our development is now measured by technology breakthroughs that our future is embracing.

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