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10 Free Must-Have Apps for Your Smart Screens

With declining Net Neutrality and ISPs monitoring control posing price-hike from the telecommunication services, in this highly-priced era, anything free with endless possibilities is something to root for. Majority of the apps present for PC and mobiles phones have a cost attached for their remarkable features. But there are some which provide the most happiness at little or no cost at all. These are the apps your mobile should have, and if you don’t have them yet, you are missing the joy of virtual yet close-to-real world.


If you’re using a smartphone in 2018, then you cannot pass Instagram. It’s a simple app which lets you go places, places you only dream of by connecting to millions of people of different ethnicities and backgrounds. It’s a way to click and share your favorite moments with your friends and family. You can post images and videos, using hashtags, edit them with astonishing filters, discover people, send private messages and link your other social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter.


Are you a selfie-freak and want to up your selfie craze? Snapchat is the app to download. Unlike your typical social media apps, Snapchat has a unique feature which allows anyone to send pictures or videos lasting for a short time before they disappear. The concept of the disappearing images makes you interact with the app more, becoming an addiction. You can create your own Bitmojis, add filters, record videos and use filters that change faces. A much deserving app for your mobile.

Spotify Music

If you fancy good music, you need an app to suggest you trending songs as well. Spotify is a free and useful app for your PC to enjoy those songs you crave. With a collection you won’t find on any other platform, Spotify is the real deal when it comes to an app satisfying your PCs need in 2018. Millions of tracks at your disposal, waiting to be clicked on whether you on the go or relaxing, Spotify will enhance your PCs persona.


Since its creation in 2008, SoundCloud has penetrated anyone who has a taste for music. Known for its unique content and features, SoundCloud allows users to directly connect with artists, demos, tracks, podcasts and cover songs. Anyone can upload songs cover by his name and attract followers. No matter what the language is, you will find it on SoundCloud as music and audio creators use the platform to share and advertise their content with the SoundCloud Community. Making it a top pick for your mobile.


One app surpasses all the entertaining apps as it gives the most out of everything! Users need to have the infamous Kodi on their devices since you never know when the need to watching or stream movies or TV shows arises. Many users are frustrated with reading “this content is not available in your region…” To counter that users are opting for Kodi as it gives you everything that you require to get entertained. Kodi due to its negative image has been stated to be illegal in many countries due to its unofficial addons usage. Users can get in serious trouble with the law if they are found using it. Its advised to use a Kodi VPN to be safe than sorry! You never know when your fun turns into sorrows. But this app is easy to use, and its functions are easily understandable by the users who rate this app as the best open source streaming app to date.


We all face storage issues where we have to delete our favorite photos and videos just to clear space. Try Dropbox; it’s a file hosting service that offers cloud storage for all your content. Its linked to your PC making your files shared through Wi-Fi. No hassle for manually dropping your files on the cloud. All you need is an active Wi-Fi connection, and you’re all set. With 50 Gb of initial storage, you don’t have to worry about your content being lost.


While many of us can’t afford to buy to famous editing app Photoshop, you can count on GIMP as it’s the best free photoshop alternative. Packed with smart tools like healing brush, intelligent selections, filters and clone stamp. It allows you to reshape your image in a very subtle manner showing creativity in your overall product. It comes with dozens of fantastic plugins to add more features to the app making your PC an editing device.

Foxit Reader

Have you been through the dilemma when your trial PDF app expires? Feels terrible when half your work is done, and your free trial expires making you buy the software. Foxit Reader is packed with a handful of tools which edit create and view PDFs while converting Microsoft Office Files, including scanned documents. Being a free PC app, it offers much more having great file compatibility.


While everything is going digital, more chances of viruses and spans are lurking online waiting for the right opportunity. CCleaner does all the handy work required to keep your PC in good shape. It allows you to remove browser history, deleting unnecessary used files, removing cookies and keeping your systems malware in check. All that within a tool is a much deserving app for your PC.

Google Maps

Whether you’re on your PC or using your mobile, you cannot lose track if you are using Google Maps. Created by Google, it’s the most accurate and precise Map ever to be constructed which updates on a regular basis guiding you in places where you would be lost without help. With offline maps you can save battery and still accurately cruise through deserted places, making it an ideal choice.

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