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10 of the Best Fastest Loading WordPress Themes

WordPress Themes

If your goal, like most of the people with an online presence, is to make money online, then you might already be familiar with all the tricks of the trade. The most important being able to drive traffic from search engines which by far is the most popular and the most important way to reach the desired traffic goals that you set. And when it comes to that nothing improves your search engine ranking better than having a website that loads super fast. There are plenty of things you can do to enhance the loading speed of your websites like good coding practices, minimalistic design, search engine optimization and a lot more. Thus we have compiled a list of WordPress Themes, one of which is sure to strike your requirement.

1. Ad-Sense

We all have to agree that any business with an online presence has to think about monetization at some point and when it comes to that nothing does it better than Ad-Sense. The theme promises to be super ad-friendly with features like better ad-management, ad placement, ad blocker detection to make ad visible to users while blocking the content.

Demo | Download

2. myPortfolio

Want something elegant to present your work and share your experience? myPortfolio has got you covered with its beautiful and highly customizable layout on top of lots of options that you will need to keep visitors on your site and keep them immersed in your content for hours.

Demo | Download

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3. Rider Pro

The lightweight design elements of this theme make it extremely fast to load, thus enhancing your search engine ranking. The theme is super clean coded, flexible and based on bootstrap based responsive theme for business or personal websites. The Twitter Bootstrap framework means that your website will look equally elegant on any device it is thrown at, including tablets and smartphones.

Demo | Download

4. Basic

Basic is a super minimalistic, super sleek theme with all the basic elements that provide enough room to give your content space to breathe. Suitable for agencies and freelancer, you can use this theme to create unlimited portfolios with custom settings for each one. You also get options to select which categories to display, control posts per page, item hover options, pagination, item spacing and show/hide filters plus a lot more.

Demo | Download

5. Radiate Pro

If clean and creativity are high on your list, then Radiate Pro is the one you should give a go at. The theme is retina ready and light weight which makes it look subtle and load superfast on any device including tablets and smartphones. The theme also beautifully integrates primary color options, custom background, custom CSS and a lot of other features directly through WordPress customizer.

Demo | Download

6. Jackdaw

This theme is jam-packed with all the exquisite features that make it pretty unique and helps your website stand out from the rest of the crowd. This is done with the help of its clean design, customizability of the menu and header on top of beautiful animations that are enough to keep your visitors amazed all the time. The theme is fully responsive and can adapt to any device you throw at it.

Demo | Download

7. socialMe

If you often have to deal with content that’s is more social media-centric, and you want something that catches the eye of people around social media circles – SocialMe is the theme you should try out. The theme comes packed with powerful features that are ideal for engaging visitors and building a strong community.

Demo | Download

8. Anemos

This theme uses the powerful and user-friendly framework to create amazing sites that are all lightweight and superfast to load. The theme is also very flexible and comes bundled with powerful features that you will need to create a simple personal blog or any thematic site that’s on your mind.

Demo | Download

9. Niche

Niche, as the name suggests has been made to cater to all the needs of a niche website but it has all the other elements and functions that make it great for any other type of general website. The design of the theme is minimal & clean, super flexible and the best part is that it is extremely basic which makes it superfast to load.

Demo | Download

10. Sensational

Bring out the best of your blog using this theme! With this theme, you get complete control of its layout styling, color choices along with a robust set of features to create a highly optimized site for your blog.

Demo | Download

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