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Tungsten Wedding Rings- How to Find the Right Band

After making the decision to select tungsten as the metal for your wedding ring, you need to choose an appropriate wedding ring for you. Choosing wedding rings is one of the most important decisions you can ever make and you should take your time.

A ring symbolizes the longevity that is associated with marriage and everyone needs a ring that will be comfortable on their finger. Your tungsten ring should be attractive, visually appealing and able to handle constant wear as well as daily activities. The best type of ring is one that your lifestyle and daily routine will accommodate.

Matching and Coordinating Rings

There are various things that you need to consider when you choose a ring. You can think about coordinating the style and design of your ring with your partner’s. Some couples match their wedding rings and the extent of how many similarities you want your rings to share will depend on your preferences.

Rings may be coordinated in terms of aspects such as color and design. Tungsten features a grey tone and you can what kind of polish you want your ring to have. Different types of finish are applied to tungsten wedding rings.

Guaranteed Durability

Outstanding qualities of the ring include strength and durability that enable the finish to last longer. Regardless of the type of band you choose for your special day, you will be pleased with the results because you have the assurance that your ring will maintain its unique qualities.

The resistance of tungsten rings means no more bending or scratching like other rings and they have the ability to last for a lifetime. Tungsten is harder than many other materials and is only comparable to diamond in terms of hardness. It maintains its original shape forever and has a long-lasting polish which does not require enhancement from special or costly jewelry cleaners. Hypoallergenic tungsten rings ensure that people are not afflicted by skin reactions.

Tungsten Carbide

Selecting the best ring for you needs is a simple process when you focus on design, durability and comfort. Tungsten rings are not only stylish, they are also strong. The processed state of tungsten carbide is stronger than virtually all metals, including platinum and titanium. Wedding rings made from tungsten are known for being resistant to scratching while maintaining their polished shine.

Before you buy any type of tungsten ring, remember to find out what it consists of. The durability and strength of tungsten is derived from its fusion with nickel alloy. Avoid tungsten jewelry that contains cobalt because this does not provide the durability or quality of binding a tungsten ring with nickel.


Unlike some conventional metals, you can craft tungsten in a variety of styles and some of the common shapes include beveled edge, dome and pipe cut. You can also choose to make your ring as unique as possible with different grooves and inlays. Another option to consider is the finish, which is available in gold or black plating, brushed, high polish as well as a combination of polished and brushed finishes.

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