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The Essence of Quality Luxury Watches

The presence of an attractive branded timepiece on the wrist gives a very appealing feel. However, buying a watch from a top-notch reliable source is the key. Spot the Watch is a quality online source to gain information about the best-branded timepieces. These days, a lot of websites sell copies of original watches so getting your hands on a trustworthy online source is the key.

Knowing about the watch geek

This platform to gain authentic information about luxury watches is owned by James Hampton-Smith. He can be called a human encyclopedia of these top-notch timepieces. James has an exceptional knowledge of various technologies embedded in these watches. These include quartz and automatic quartz. He is a watch geek by all means and has been creating a collection from more than 9 years.

Some luxury watches you can keep an eye on

Wearing a luxury watch is a part of the style statement. A classy suiting along with an impactful timepiece

1. Seiko Prestige

As a watchmaking company, Seiko holds a very impressive reputation. It is one of the pioneers of quartz technology. Other than that, it has also introduced timepieces with automatic quartz movement. These watches are tailor-made for formal suiting. Corporate professionals and entrepreneurs find them suitable.

  • Technological details

This amazing watch is equipped with state of the art automatic quartz technology. Other than that, there is a manual winding option for users who prefer the classic touch. This timepiece is a delight for people who carry a formal appearance. If are wearing a three-piece suit, one of these watches would definitely be an icing on the cake.

2. Garmin Forerunner 935 Running GPS Unit

“Spot the Watch” exceeds its competitors due to various reasons. One of them is that users can find watches from different categories. For instance, some people seek watches which can help them with running tasks. This top-notch running watch can be procured from “Spot the Watch”. One of the best things is that each product is 100% authentic.

  • Technological Compatibility

Can users sync this watch with their smartphone? The answer to this question is yes. This top-quality running watch is compatible with all smartphone platforms. Whether you are using the android, iOS or Windows platform, the watch can be easily synced with the smartphone. Thus, you can easily track the running progress through your phone.

  • Light and Comfortable timepiece

For most runners, it is not feasible to run with weight on the wrist. Thus, they prefer light-weighted timepieces. This running watch is light and is technologically compatible with various operating system platforms.

3, Chronograph Watches

If you are a fan of chronograph watches, you can know about the best ones on “Spot the Watch”.

  • The technological perspective

The purpose of a chronograph watch is quite simple. These watches are used to record in a more specific manner. These timepieces help with a quicker calculation of time. Sports personnel use it for training purposes to check the performance in a fixed time span. You can start the time recording process by clicking one button. Similarly, another button is clicked to conclude the time recording process.

4. Smartwatch Screen Protectors

Life seems incomplete if you don’t have a smartwatch on your wrist. With this amazing gadget, you have everything on your wrist including schedules, calls and other options. If you are using an Apple smartwatch, using protectors would help you in increasing its life.

  • The protection mechanism

The purpose of a screen protector is nothing but to prevent the screen from getting damaged. During physical activities or movements, our wrist can collide with a solid surface and the screen can break. These smartphone protectors carry a width of 38 to 40mm.

  • Gap between protector and screen

If you are new to using smartwatches, you would not know that the protector is not stuck to the screen of the watch. There is a minimal gap which can get filled with sweat resulting in a fog being created. Users can remove the protector and wipe the screen before continuing usage.

5. Know about Strong Indestructible Watches

Are you someone who likes rough timepieces? If yes, then there are several options you can have a look at.

  • Victorinox Swiss Army Watches

These are among the strongest and most durable watches. The company has conducted various rigorous tests including running a tank and exposing to extreme temperatures (both hot and cold). If you live in a region that is extremely hot or cold, using one of these watches is recommended for you.

  • The G-Shock Frogman Series

This series of rugged watches come with impressive water-resistant technology. You can use these watches underwater up to a distance of 200 meters.  These watches have a temperature indicator which highlights how cold or hot the environment around you is.


People who are watch lovers always like increasing their collections. If you talk about the classic style elegant watches, Seiko, Rolex and Fossil provide users with the maximum options. Business professionals, in particular, prefer watches by these brands.

The selection of watches depends on the preferences an individual has. If you are looking for the most durable watches, you should definitely view the collections by Victorinox Swiss Army or G-Shock Frogman.

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