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Online Shop’s Terry McGinnis and Siraaj Ahmed Aim to Revolutionize E-Commerce with AI

Online Shop founders, Terry McGinnis and Siraaj Ahmed aim to use AI for the good of the users.

Entrepreneur duo Terry McGinnis and Siraaj Ahmed, the founders of Manhattan based Online Shop Inc. are aiming to revolutionize e-commerce and the way people will buy and sell via the help of Artificial Intelligence.

In a recent interview Terry, the Chief Executive Officer, had expressed the advantages of artificial intelligence and machine learning citing: “AI and ML will be a huge part of our ecosystem, and what we are aiming to do with our offering. One of the biggest things is automation, we’re building technology that will enable our engine to optimize our users’ shopfronts automatically based on their customer behavior, allowing for truly unique combinations.”

Terry has been a big supporter of AI, going as far back as 2018 where on his LinkedIn blog he wrote about how AI will help advertisers to create better, more tailored campaigns.

Siraaj, the Chief Technology Officer has noted that this technology would revolutionize the way e-commerce is seen by the public; “We truly believe in our vision, and what we’re aiming to do and to accomplish here. There is a lot of work to do, and the current artificial intelligence system won’t be within our engine and the MVP we’re launching until it’s truly optimal and fully operational. We’re doing a lot of tests, adjustments and are keen to hire world’s class AI and ML engineers.” 

It has been no secret that many companies nowadays are utilizing and banking on the advancements of AI and Machine Learning, with most of the heavy lifting now being done by complex systems that enable users to do hefty tasks within the blink of an eye. With Terry additionally adding: “We built proprietary systems for our dedicated servers that utilizes artificial intelligence and machine learning to deal with a lot of the ad hoc and administrative tasks that would take several sysadmins to do, from running specific cronjobs to navigating and optimizing code and errors – it does a lot of the heavy lifting for us, and allows us to be lean, resourceful and most importantly very advantageous.” 

Online Shop is set to launch in early to mid January, 2023 and you can follow the updates on the official website or the company’s LinkedIn page.

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