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Malware Traffic Analysis and the Use of Better Strategies ‎and Tactics to Win Cyberwars

If you are familiar with the decisive battles in the history of the world, you would readily see that most decisive victories in war happened because the commanders of the victorious armies had better war strategies and tactics than the vanquished ones. This means that—despite the inferior number of infantries and foot soldiers—great commanders like Alexander the Great or Rommel were able to repulse and utterly win battles due to their superior battle strategies and tactics. Similarly, if you, as a security manager of a network, want to win a cyberwar, you definitely need to have superior cyberwar strategies and tactics than the cyber-hackers. You can only achieve superior cyberwar strategies and tactics if you know your cyber-enemies too well.

Cyberwar Entails Offensive and Defensive Strategies and Tactics

As mentioned above, you need to have superior cybersecurity and knowledge of your cyber-enemies. If you are a business network owner, for example, and your malware protection for business does not belong to the top-of-the-line protection programs, you are surely endangering your business network, while at the same time, putting the security of your important and valuable business data and information at risk. If you think that your line of protection is weak, you have to look for better and holistic defense strategies that would make your network protection almost invulnerable to cyber-attacks. You can develop better network security measures if you know too well your cyber enemies. You need to understand the nature of cyber-attacks and cyber-hackers to fully develop a system that will make your network security system strong and well-protected.

In any war, your intelligence gathering should be keen and precise, otherwise, your strategies and tactics will appear to be half-baked and ineffective. Similarly, in cyberwar, you need to have data analytics in real-time that will enable you to come up with insightful information on the status of your network security. Yet, before you can do that, you need to have a holistic and real-time network security analysis, 24 hours a day.

Cyberwars are continuous, protracted wars. Cyber-attackers are always devising newer ways to breach your network; hence, your network security visibility should be in real-time and round-the-clock. This round-the-clock network security visibility should enable you to get malware traffic analysis in real-time. Only by having a round-the-clock availability of data analytics on malware traffic would you be able to feel that you are in perfect control of the security of your network.

Proactive Strategies and Tactics

Your enemies in cyberspace thrive in deception and subterfuge. They generally use deceptions to gain access to the most sensitive files of networks. Hence, it is also important to employ deception in protecting your network from cyber-attacks. Aside from securing the perimeters of your network, you also have to engage in proactive cyber defense that will ensure that cyber-attackers are caught while they are still trying to infiltrate your network.

Some network managers and security officers often use offensive and proactive security measures to encircle and reveal the nature of an attacker even before it could inflict damage to their networks. Sometimes, they make use of intelligent deceptions by creating a virtual clone of their networks and baiting the cyber-attackers and encouraging them to breach their virtual networks. Consequently, cyber-attackers will inadvertently reveal their nature as they attack these decoy networks.

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