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Laptop Won’t Start

Ever heard someone say ‘my laptop won’t start’ before? Well, this statement seems to be one of the most common among many laptop owners today hence its familiarity. There are several possible reasons why a laptop may choose not to start let alone booth and this article will examine some of the most common reasons with a view to recommending one or two potential solutions to the problem.

Lack of Power: This might sound too obvious but believe me a lot of laptops refuse to start due to a total loss of power. This could be caused by simply forgetting to plug your laptop to the mains or a faulty battery’s inability to charge.

Solution: Always check to make sure that the power and/or battery indicator lights are on. If after conducting the basic checks including testing the mains and cables your laptop still does not start, then you might have a more serious problem.

Hardware Problem: More often than not, a laptop that does not power up after basic checks are carried out is suffering from a problem with its hardware. Usually, the most likely hardware to cause this kind of problem is the motherboard.

Solution: Although some computer repairers would suggest replacing a faulty motherboard, I usually recommend a total overhaul of the computer or laptop device. This is more so because nowadays, replacing a laptop motherboard could cost nearly as much as buying a new laptop.

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