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Interactive Whiteboards: Making Learning Interesting

It is the prerogative of schools to make education enjoyable and interesting for students. One such method that schools can opt for; in order to make classes interesting is using interactive whiteboards. In this article some of the benefits of interactive whiteboards, with regard to teaching students, have been discussed.

School managements often look for modern and innovative technologies that can help teachers to impart education in a more efficient and effective manner. It has been observed that children tend to learn their lessons better if they are taught using audiovisual aids.

Say for instance, if a teacher is supposed to teach a rhyme to a class of kindergartners; keeping the attention of such young children riveted and at the same time helping them to learn a rhyme, can prove to be quite challenging for the teacher. In such a scenario, if the teacher uses audio-visual aids, children would naturally be more interested in reading the rhyme while the information or lesson will be absorbed efficiently by the children. Subsequently, they will learn faster, in comparison to the traditional technique of reading the rhyme aloud from a textbook.

With the advancement of technology, teaching can now be easy with the help of interactive whiteboards which are like touch screen computers, fully capable of functioning independently as well as with the help of a laptop or a computer, to which the whiteboard is connected. It has also been found that use of interactive whiteboards has improved participation and collaboration in classes, which has subsequently helped in making classroom studies all the more effective.

Benefits of Interactive Whiteboards

When you get the interactive boards in the classrooms, it is advisable that you get in touch with a reputed software development firm only that understands the requirements of your school. If you have certain specifications, then mention it when you hire a particular firm. Moreover, a reputed software development firm will not only install the whiteboard and ensure that it functions smoothly, but also provide excellent after sales support.

However, before you install an interactive whiteboard in a classroom it is essential that you evaluate its advantages and some of these are as follows:

  • Make classroom sessions effective: With the help of audio-visual tools, teachers can make lessons interesting, fun and enjoyable for all age groups of children. This will subsequently help in making the classroom sessions all the more effective. If children are able to understand the lessons better, it will definitely help them have a better understanding of the subject matter being taught.
  • Increased participation: Interactive whiteboards are extremely user-friendly, which means even small children, can use these whiteboards. Since children will be able to actively participate in the lessons, it will naturally make the lessons interesting and fun.
  • Loading of presentations: As a teacher, you will be able to pre-load the lessons that you would be teaching, on the whiteboard before teaching the subject. The clarity with which a presentation can be viewed on an interactive whiteboard will definitely make the lesson all the more stimulating and engrossing.

Thus, in order to ensure that students are able to understand the subject being taught effectively and to improve student participation in classroom sessions, you can definitely consider installing interactive whiteboards in the classrooms of your school.

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