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How to Improve ASO: A Guide on the Best Tips

Have you ever thought about the aftermath that goes into the app ranking after the development is done? Have you got any idea about the efforts that mobile app development companies do when they have app ranking assignments in hand? Well, it is a long procedure that needs exceptional knowledge of a series of procedures that goes into app store optimization.

ASO or app store optimization techniques have has the potential to skyrocket the ranking of the application over the app store. All that it asks is to follow some of the store guidelines along with performing certain ASO procedures.

Let’s dive in to learn more about the procedures that every mobile app development company professional should know.

Know your Competitors and the Customers

How well you know the clients, their expectations, and the market competition will help you go ahead in the race. A well informed SEO strategist know how customers use the app and incorporate those elements in the application. To have a better idea of what customers want, review the requirements that customers would desire for from your application and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What are the keywords that customers are targeting
  • What are the ways to compete against these applications
  • What kind of keywords are best to target for optimum output
  • Survey the client’s website to know more about the competition

Keyword in the App Title

It is a way to rank your app’s keyword without doing serious efforts. Including relevant keywords within the title would help to offer improved ranking. Apps having primary keywords on their title rank quite well if compared to those having no keyword in the title. While including the title keep the following suggestions into the mind:

  • Keep the title up to 255 characters
  • Use as much keyword phrases as possible within the prescribed limit
  • Keep the app title relatable to the services it offers
  • Allow user-friendly characters in the application
  • Never use special characters in the app title

Creating a Compelling Description

The app description should be targeted towards the key audience in order to get their attention. The description should be formed in a way that it may appear as a call to action to the audience. Describe all about the product and how it is going to help users to solve their problems. Describe in simple language what the app can do for the audience. Convincing the audience is very important.

  • Define your product in the first two lines
  • Keep it bold and meaningful so that users could get attracted
  • Explain why customers should use your product
  • Keep updating the description as the product renews

Choose a Relatable App Icon

There is probably no right count about of many apps a user uses in a single day. And when browsing through these applications, the users only remember a few of them if they stand out from the crowd. In order to make your app stand out from the rest of the applications in a similar category, your app icon could play an essential role.

  • For iOS icons, the size must remain 1024*1024
  • Google Play requires a size of 512*512
  • Google follows material design for app icons
  • Bright colours and unique shapes form the most appealing icons

Include Videos in the Description

What can serve the clients better than including introductory videos in the applications? The idea may fail to provide a direct app ranking but it is sure to aid in app downloads. A video is sure to entice the users, which further helps in increasing the app downloads.

  • You can upload up to five screenshots for an iOS app
  • Android accepts up to eight screenshots
  • Make these screenshots prominent enough to impact the customers
  • Blend graphic design with screenshots to attract the clients

Localize the App Listing

Users prefer speaking their native languages and thus a localized app can do more profit to the mobile application development company. At the most basic level try and add the local language that customers most commonly use. This will help drive more traffic.

  • App Store, as well as Google Play, allows app localization
  • It makes the app discoverability easier for customers
  • This approach increases the chances of app downloads
  • Clash of Clans is the best example that captured major Chinese market share

The bottom line

By keeping all the above-mentioned pointers into the mind, it would get easier for mobile app publishers to create an application that could easily attract the clients. Market research along with the expectations of the users from the application would also help to gain more profit from the app making business.

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Rahul Kumar is the Business Analyst of FieldCircle - a leading field service management software company. He has extensive experience in providing apt business solutions for field service and field sales domain through field sales software. A product thinker, he collaborates with industry leaders to understand business challenges and facilitate technology solutions for same.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Dean

    January 2, 2020 at 11:23 am

    I realize that a video preview of the app can definitely entice users to download it. Thanks for the great tips!

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